The Crazies

omg where do i start? first off my mother in law still thinks my husband is a child and her baby at that. His two sisters hate me and i have always been there for them all. I am the reason his mom even has a job I told her about it as well as filled out the application for her. His sister who are younger go out and party and at 2am call me for a ride and what do i do? pick them up so they can be home and safe. this past year my husband was a victim of a crime he was shot by a drive by shooter and he almost died at that time we were still bf and gf but we had been together for 3 years and these ppl had his ex gf who is obsessed with him come to the hospital and sit with them and ignore me then his mom yelled at me to not come see him anymore he was in a coma for 3 weeks she also said she would be the only woman is his life crazy azz. I couldn't see him for two months because of his crazy mom and sister but then when we did finally see each other again i picked him up from his house and his mom left work and followed us and told him not to be with me! he is 28 and i am 30 btw. as of today they are not on talking terms she was on a total power trip when he was in the hospital that we got married to shut everyone up and show them we love each other when we got back together. his sisters continue to talk bad about me on fb and his whole family thinks im a bad person which is not true. it ****** me off they are jealous of me that is all because he loves and defends me. but you know what? i use to care but not anymore we love each other and that's all that matters(:
lia760 lia760
26-30, F
Sep 23, 2012