I Hate My Mother In Law!!

    I hate my mother in law
i hate her always butting in when my husband and i are talking, ive started when she buts in on us talking i tell her i was talking to don
i wonder does she think shes married to her son
i stay in my jail cell (my bedroom)
when will i get out of jail?
41-45, F
3 Responses Dec 4, 2007

wow that is so funny that is the exact same thing my DIL does to me...every time I try to speak to my son if she is around she will answer for him and butt in and interrupt .....and I am sentenced to my room....Jail Cell.....I guess it can go both ways......I have never once butted in when he was talking to her.....not all MIL are the evil ones

What a nice website to vent on. My Mother-in-Law butts in whenever
my husband and I are talking on the phone, so rude! Now I have
a rule that we can only Email each other if need be.
AT LEAST on the Email I will not get interrupted and can tell
my side of the story! I didn't start hating her until I realized
that she hates me! I am not into conflict or drama.....she seems to thrive on conflict and confusion! We are no longer on speaking terms

I think you have a motherinlaw Like me its pure hell

My MIL was not always perfect or my best friend but I never trashed her and I never stopped my husband from seeing her.....these are the things my DIL does to me.....