The Devil In A Mother In Law Suit

MY Bad Bad MIL has been using me as a pin cushion for, oh let me look at my watch, 32 years now.  She insults me at every turn, but if other people are around, the insult  will arrive in the form of the " thinly veiled"  variety.  One problem is that she doesn't like other females. 

I was size 7 when we married and when I gained about 20 pounds she took a photo of me, from behind,  bending over, in a bathing suit.  She then had it blown up, framed and displayed it in a prominent location. I kid you not.  WTH? 

She has never treated our daughters as well as the other grandchildren.  The grandsons (whom we love) practically have life size photos displayed all over the living room like wallpaper, while the girls have wallet pix propped up on the dresser.  When our older daughter graduated from college, she told me in front of our nephew, that  "a college degree wasn't everything ."  Who says that?

  Oh yeah people, it is ALL about the penis factor with her.  She adoringly cooed "He's the apple of my eye"  while gazing lovingly at one nephew's picture.......while she was talking to my young girls!!!  She has killed their affection for her and they never care to see her again.  The last straw (yes I've said that 112 times) was last weekend when she said something weirdly ugly and hostile relating to our gorgeous 9 month old grandson.  I came into the room as she said it to her daughter and she was totally busted.  She is a wicked, evil ***** who hates me and everything connected to me because she is so totally jealous of me. 

I could give you a small book of examples of her bad behavior towards us. The mean things she has said and done to me, FINE, WHATEVER.........But when Bad Bad Granny extends it to my children and grandchildren; proof positive that she is a pathetic, bitter, sick example of a MIL.  

Oh yeah, and her eyebrows are way too far apart.   Just sayin.   
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I would lol at the fanny picture were it me but this person is someone you need to cut from your life as much as possible.

ditch the *****!

Very much resembling of "Monster in law"... What she did to your photo was very nasty...She really sounds like a very jealouse type.What she is doing to you is very unfair, I can understand how bitter you feel.<br />
It's so common for grannies to have their favorites whom they speak highher of then the other grandchildren.Believe me or not ,my MIL does the same...and it's one of the reason why we don't get along with her favorite granchild: everytime family gets together she would praise him, talk about him and what is the most frustrating is that she expects us to do the same.Eventually it has opposite effect, when she complements him I just can't help to think: " Please, give me a break...Can't you see he is just pathetic..." I guess I wouldn't have felt that way if she treated all the children equally.

She certainly has brought the boycott upon herself. And it doesn't sound like it would cause anyone harm. I am very blessed to have such a sweet mother in law. But I have to say that my husband is pretty damn lucky, too.

I don't think it's too over the top. For the most part I've done the same thing. I've seen them a handful of times while visiting other family members but that's it. The relationship my husband chooses to have with them is his choice but he's tired of the drama too so there's not much going on there either. <br />
<br />
It's hard to not let it affect you but coming here to vent is helpful. = )

Too late for therapy I'm afraid, maybe an exorcism. I think I need help since I keep letting it affect me. At this point she can only hurt me if I let her. I really think I should just boycott her for the rest of my life. Does that seem too over the top? Opinions welcome.

Sounds like she needs serious mental help!