Didn't Think I'd Have To Come Back Here.

Hi all! I was quite active in this group a while ago, until we cut my MIL out of our lives for a few months. I knew I should have just kept away from her... I must be a glutton for punishment.

Well, she's at it again. After months of having no contact (man, it was BLISS!), she weasled her way back in. Like an idiot, I forgave her- we even went to her friend's cottage by the beach with her. She has taken to pretending I am invisible... Which suits me just fine, I have nothing to say to the *****. However, we were visiting his Grandma the other day (MIL still lives with her mother) and my husband, my MIL, and I were in the kitchen together. When he would ask me a question, and I started to answer him, she would SCREAM over me. She interrupted me every. single. time. I opened my mouth. He was frustrated, I was pissed, so I left the room. All of a sudden, ***** didn't have anything to say! So, what she has to say is so important that she can't wait until I finish speaking to say it, but as soon as I leave the room, she has nothing to say? Am I dealing with a ******* toddler here???

I've just about had my fill of her yet again, and we have his family reunion to go to this Saturday. I know she's gonna pull that **** with me there, ignoring me, and I really don't care. I'm not there to talk to her. But, just like last year's reunion, I know she's gonna talk **** about my hubby again. She is awful to him, really. She bad-mouths him in front of his entire family, how he's a horrible son, doesn't care about her, disrespects her, blah blah. But when he comes around she hangs all over him. Damn, hoe, if he's that bad, why are you up his ***? Back up! And of course, when he wants nothing to do with her and her childish bullshit, it MUST be all my fault. Then I catch the blame, and she starts talking about me, and then I tear her a new one, we don't talk for a few months, and then she comes around begging again. I have it down to a science by now, she does it so much. She's been a bit more careful now that she knows I'll let her have it, but sometimes her big mouth just won't shut up.

Ahhhh! It feels nice to get that out.
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LOL!!! It is a ton of fun to see the look on her face when I start ripping into her, she looks at me like shes never seen me before. Well, she better ******* get used to hearing my voice because I'm NOT GOING ANYWHERE! I know its not nice, but I love pushing her buttons. Like I said, MIL still lives with her mom, so when we see her, its in her mom's house... For that reason, I TRY to be respectful and just keep my mouth shut for Grandma's sake, because she's so nice. But if MIL crosses a line, I will always speak up.<br />
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Sorry to hear you had such a hard pregnancy =(. Congrats and good luck!!!

OMG, the interrupting thing...WTF is that??? My a**hole MIL had always done the same thing to me. Even from an adjoining room, she'd rear her ugly head up to squash whatever I was saying and I'd never said anything because it was always done in her own house (not like I'd choose to have her in mine). I'd always felt it was wrong to disrespect someone in their own home, but after a while I realised that miserable rudeness was the only thing she was ever going to understand. That interrupting crap all stopped the day that I got very sarcastic and nasty and turned the tables on her. Everytime she opened her stupid mouth I was riot-ready with a few choice phrases like "YEAH, I WASN"T SPEAKING OR ANYTHING." or "OH WOW, THAT WOULD BE SO INTERESTING IF IT WAS ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY RELATED." Not sure what came over me that day, but I'd finally cracked and got my oats up to the point where I didn't give a sh!te what anyone thought about my responses...not even my husband. Well, after about 30 mins of that crap, she finally shut up and desisted. I've now made it my life's mission to p!ss on her bad behaviour every chance she gives me. Perhaps it's all the rage that's built up in me over such an awful pregnancy (nearly over), but I'm finding it quite fun to beat her down with whatever stick she provides me with, LOL!