Oh Thank God I Am Not Alone...

All I can say is.....I hate her! She is so manipulative....so hurtful...such a Bitc@......I hate how sneaky she is...she won't even call the house she calls my husbands cell phone. I have 4 children....they all look like me but the youngest. She dotes on my youngest because she looks like my husband and leaves the others out...she lies...all the time. I hate her you guys I really hate her!  OMG!!!! It feels good to write that!!!! I HATE HER!!!! Running across this site is such a blessing. I could go on and on about the things she has done...It all started 13 yrs ago..when she tried to get her son Not to marry me. I actually think that was one of the most mellow things she has done.
She is a mother in law... shouldn't she be warm, and caring and sometimes loving???. I swear she needs to get a job as a loan shark.
 I can handle being belittled by her...I can handle the ignoring me when I talk to her..I can handle the telling me over and over again how lucky I am to have landed her son as my husband. I can handle her pretending like Me maybe having breast cancer is no big deal...(I think she secretly wants me to die) LOL!! But what I can not handle is the lies.....the manipulation......and the way she treats my children that do not look like my husband!!! WTF????  Now...If she is sick...the world is coming to an end...she has Diberticulitis for goodness sakes...all she has to do is stop eating nuts...and corn....and a few other things....but she makes my husband think she is dying!!! I on the other hand am having a health scare...and she says to me...and I quote..."oh, it's no big deal plenty of woman go through it"  That was the last straw. Any bit of love that was left between her and I has ended. I am done.
But on a good note. I am so happy to have a group of woman like you who understand what I am going through. Thanks for the chance to vent. I look forward to visiting and being a part of this site for a long time.
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Okay...I'm sorry...Im back....just to say one more time.....WTF???? Really???? Did she really invite guests to MY HOME withour asking me first??? Yes...yes she did!!! I am still so shocked! I am shocked and amazed....wow....<br />
Well.....house is clean....yard is almost done.....and it seems that I may get alittle sauced before the MIL gets here. Ahhhh..wine... the nector of DILs that are unappreciated.

So......The saga continues....Yesterday out of the blue the MIL stops over. My house was a complete mess!!! I swear to you gals that I am a total clean freak...but the one weekend I say screw it...guess who shows up!!! Well...I should of known by the way she was acting that she was up to something..She was sweet and complimenting my home....and talking to my children...then Boom...a favor asked. Her grill is not working and she wanted to grill some ribs on our grill today. No problem. Hey I can handle that!!! SOOOOOOO..this morning...My husband gets a call from dear mom. She hopes we don't mind but she invited several people over to OUR house for a cook out today!!!!!!!!! Are you fricken kidding me?????? My house is a mess!!!!! Today I was going to spend time with my husband who works about 60 hrs a week (We are small business owners)..my oldest son is18 and will be leaving for the Airforce soon..I value my time with my family. We have so little of it since the kidders are getting older and Wham...the wicked MIL ruins another day for me. So guess what my family and I are doing today...yep, the mad scramble to clean the house and yard! I hate her you guys!!! I hate her!!! Do you think if I accidently ran over her with my mower that It would be considered temporary insanity???? LOL!!! Just kidding I wont hurt her...Yet. LOL!!!

It is so hard dealing with these women because you just want to smack (or commit bodily harm) them. My dear friend's MIL used to dumpster dive. She gave my friend a nasty sweatshirt she found and told her that she thought she would "like it." I think they should all be stranded on a deserted island.

Hahahaha!!! You crack me up Mzdonna! I am just so happy to know that I am not alone in the world of disliking my MIL...<br />
I wonder if our MILs are distant relatives!!! LOL!!!

I swear to God if my MIL wasn't dead I would think you were talking about her. She was just like your MIL. What is WRONG with these women ?!

I'm sorry you're having a health scare. Hopefully everything will turn out just fine. Best of luck! =)<br />
<br />
My MIL is the same way, nobody but her is important... No matter what I say or do, she always has to try and one up me to get my hubby's attention onto her, and she gets pissed at me when it doesn't work. Guess she's not as interesting as she thought, lol!<br />
<br />
I am also very sorry for your kids. =( My grandmother (Dad's mom) played favorites with her kids and grandkids. I wasn't one of the favorites, and today I have no relationship with her. If your kids want nothing to do with her when they are adults, she has no one to blame but herself, and she's the one missing out.