Treacherous Mil Part 2

This site is so cathartic ! LOL !
OK, when my husband was around 13 or so his mother jumped out of second story window because another man was walking out on her.  Some of her kids was in the home when she jumped out of the window.  She hit the pavement face first and had to lie there for a while because it took the paramedics a while to stabilize her. She was in the hospital for months and a series of social workers and counselors was involved with the family.  Alas, to no avail was help provided because my MIL didn't cooperate (she was the type to say, yeah I did it, so what !) and the counselors saw that there was no hope for that family - - - -they were too far gone.  My FIL was 10 years older than the oldest child for chrissakes and the oldest child called this man "daddy."   Anyway, when my MIL came home from the hospital she needed help with EVERYTHING and my sister in-law did it.  Ladies, I'm talking about from washing this woman's behind  to helping her d!@che and everything else in between, ok ?
What did my MIL do after she was "healthy ?" she spit in my sister in-law's face and continued to do so up until the day she died.  And speaking of when she came home from the hospital... she never spoke about what she did.  NEVER ! if you or I jumped out a window she would still be talking about it today... always had her nose and mouth in someone else's business but when the chickens came home to roost she clammed up.  Oh, I forgot to mention that she had baby no. 8 after jumping out of the window. 
Another true story: My sister in-law (the idiot that washed her behind and sought her approval for over 30 years) mother got into trouble with the law and panicked and ran.  My SIL's mother worked for my FIL and he figured that after she got her head together she would face her legal troubles.  Well, my MIL was a nasty bee as I've said before and took it upon herself to turn my SIL's mother into the police.  Yes, she did it and didn't hide the fact that she did it.
She took money from her dying brother's hand and refused to give it back to him; she called her  niece (her brother's child) demanding her brother's bank book because she wanted the money ("he should have at least $5,000 in the bank"); she tried to start a fight between her brother's first and second wives while he was dying; she played the race card with her grandchildren.  If the child was too dark then she couldn't be bothered with it (she wanted to know what color my son was when he was born.  Uh, he's Black.  What color would he be ?).  Keep in mind that this woman has 3 dark-skinned boys but because they came outta her then it was A-OK.  But if one of the DIL's had a baby then she questioned the paternity.  Out of malice and spite she refused to tell my husband who his father is; She accused me of "stealing" her son.  I did no such thing.  She ruined that relationship by constantly lying and running her mouth.  She said that because he was her son that he would always speak to her.  Well, he was the "different" one and I guess he fooled her, huh ?; she would tell her son's to come home if they were living with their girlfriends.  Why ? because she could - - - - one BIL left 2 women for his mother; she would question her grandchildren about what we allegedly said about her or what our house looked like, etc.  You don't put kids in the middle of your b.s. !.  As I think I've said before I wouldn't allow my children to be anywhere near this woman and I didn't speak to nor laid eyes on her for 20+ years and I don't regret my decision.  I would do the same thing today as I did then.  There was something wrong with that woman.  Any chick that would jump out a window because a man was walking out on her (is there any question why a man wouldn't stay with that freakin' nut ?!) and then act as if it never happend has a couple of loose screws.  A woman that concerned herself about women her son's were sleeping with has a few loose screws.  I just question what I did in a past life to deserve a treacherous bee like L for a MIL.   May she roast in hell. 
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This story made me chuckle; but seriously...what a miserable old bat of a MIL she was!