Gee The Mother In Law

Gee she was one royal pain where one sits. She controled everything or tried to. Hated me while the feeling was mutual. One might wonder why get married if this is so. Guess I was really not thinking or so lonely that it did not matter. From the day we tied the knot until 12 years later she had a say. My ex always loved her mother more than me thus once we departed felt a relief. It was something like a bad dream.

When we needed to make a big purchase always let me ask my mother. When we went to buy a house the same and she had to come along and listen to everyowrd which was being said. Living in a small closed knit town did not do me well. Everyone like dher more thus I had no say. She once made  athreat to me along with her father, but just let it ride. If I was sick she did not care. Never came to my home very much maybe 5 times in our union. Always to her house for every holiday or for dinner on Sunday. Could not say much out of fear.

When our first was born she took over and I could not do anything. As she grew wanted to correct her but the mother slugged me for doing something to my kid. Wanted to press charges but with a small one horse town cop and being an outsider it was no use,. Could not control her and she just was the boss. The same was true when my second was born the same. When I decided to head back to college and live on campus she began to make my life more uncomfortable thus it was just fruitless.

When we decided to divorce she was delighted while telling me to stay away and never come back. I was refused access to my kids and thus never seen them since. Today she is in a nursing home from what I am told. Wellmaybe I am happier not being near her.
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I had an ex Monster in law try and take my son!!! She even had him calling her mom!!!!! I fought for years....and racked up about 50.000 in legal fees...but I won! She lied to people telling them I abandoned my son with her...But in reality...I asked her to watch him for me for a few days so I could start a new job....and find a better babysitter. She filed court papers in just a few days ...and I had to fight for 2 years to get custody back. My son was 2 at the time...but her back stabbing and lying and manipulation continue for 16 yrs!!!! I had no idea that she was telling my son that I abandoned him when he was small...and that I never really wanted him...until my sons father died 2 yrs ago. Finally my son broke down and told me what the ex monster in law had been saying to him his WHOLE life about me. Thank goodness I had time to set him straight and tell him the truth before he graduated high school. My poor son had been brainwashed by this woman for years and I never knew it. My son now knows the truth...and can see by my actions over the years that she was a liar. is amazing what people will do to eachother......

Wow.......It's crazy to hear that so many people have bad relationships with their Mother in laws. I'm sorry that your ex put her ahead of you. My fiance and I are actually on the same page with his mother. I hate to see him hurting, but he is soooo angry at his mother for her behavior toward me at this time. I just hope he will always stand up for me in those situations. I suppose it is more difficult if it is the wife's mother, as I know my own mother and I are best friends. However, my mom really tries to stay on the sidelines of just support our relationship. I feel blessed to have the mother that I have, but I feel terrible that my fiance's mother says he is dead to her. Do people really think about how much they are hurting others when they make these comments?? It's sick. Good luck to you.