My Mil Is The Devil

So here's my story. I know many peole here can relate.
I married my husband 4 years ago. He had two children already and we've since had three more.
My husband's daughter lives with his ex-wife. Her husband beats her (the ex-wife) and we wanted to protect his daughter from the a smiliar fate or worse. The ex-wife's husband lost custody of his own child for neglect and abuse and has a long criminal history which includes many incidents of domestic violence and violence in general. He is not a good person.
So we went to court and won custody of his daughter. MIL demanded that my husband give his daughter to her for MIL to raise her. When he refused, she not only gave the ex-wife money to take us back to court, but wrote an affidavit filled with lies against her own son. She sided with the same woman she turned into child welfare for neglect and abuse of her granddaughter! That was the breaking point for my husband. Things have always been strained between him and his mother. But that was just way more than he could handle. He hasn't had anything to do with her since. I really don't blame him either.
She is certainly not my favorite person. When we first started dating she asked my husband why he couldn't find a nice white girl? (I'm black and my husband is white.) Which is funny because her brother is half mexican! He's darker than me or any of our kids. Then when we had our first child she told my husband races shouldn't mix and decided she wanted nothing to do with our children. Yet at Christmas every year she sends a box of junk with a note about how much she loves our kids. None of the "gifts" match our kids' ages, development levels, or interests. She has no idea who they are or what they like. She doesn't even try. It's as if she walked into Walmart, threw some things into the cart, packed them up and mailed them. Why bother?
She has never wanted to meet our kids or have anything to do with them at any other time of the year. I don't keep any of the junk she sends. It all goes to Goodwill or to my stepkids if they want any of it. It's not even worth the drama that would come if I sent the junk back to her. She makes up things about me all the time.
My husband and I don't speak to her or about her. But she told his family that I made his cousin curse her out. I have never even met his cousin but apparently I have some sort of mind control of my husband and anyone else who doesn't fall in line with MIL's demands. Her own mother thinks she's gone crazy. But she blames it on MIL's thyroid disease because it couldn't possibly be that MIL is a psycho b!+ch; right? There has to be some other reason.
Well, I am not interested in her long list of reasons for why it's okay to be a racist and condemn a child to a life of abuse because of your own selfish pride. I do not care why she is psychotic. I am just glad to be rid of her. If only she would leave us alone and let us actually have peace and enjoy her absence. *sigh* What a day that would be!
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WOW!!! What a psychotic b*tch! Enough said...

no matter what the name, it is hurtful when someone is so hateful. i understand where you're coming from. our kids are loved by family that values them and that's what counts. i don't lose any sleep over it. thanks for the kind words.

I do feel for you my friend......My MIL for the past 30 years has called mew a HillBilly....and a Redneck...I know it is not totally the same.....But really....It is a bit of the same thing.....I refuse to talk to her any more......And to think....I was the only one that took time off from my job to care for her when she had her bypass......Go figure....<br />
Use her to teach your children tolerance.....and go on with your life....Minus her