My Mil, The Mental Terrorist.

I never had a chance with my MIL, from the minute my husband mentioned the words, "She's pregnant and we are getting married." From the get-go, I was the horrible woman coming to steal her son, and only dependant male she had. Unfortunantly when my husband was young, his father passed away. She became a full-blown abusive alcoholic and hard-core drug user. Before I met the woman, I heard stories of her leaving my husband at home alone at age six so she could go to bars pick-up men and come home beligerant, often resulting in verbal and sometimes physical abuse to him. I tried to see past that because my husband had moved on from it, I tried to be a loving daughter in-law. I even invited her to join us on our two day weekend honeymoon, and we didnt get anytime together alone. I visited and called as often as I could, but as those who know, MILs know no bounds, or boundries in my case. She would often come over and visit and then, openly ridicule me to anyone who would listen. She would call in the middle of the night and complain about how lonely she is. Does she become proactive in her life? No, of course not. She has my husband believing he is responsible for her happiness. She drinks alcohol all day long and complains that she is not equally treated the same as my strait-edge parents who do not drink or take drugs at all. She uses my husbands father as a tool to manipulate by saying him put pressure on him to be responsible for her. None of her other four children allow her to be alone with their kids. His job leaves him limited time with his family, weekends, no week nights and she makes sure he is over there helping her all day on the weekends. She does passive aggressive things like set out pictures of my husband and his ex girlfriends, and take an opposite side in every discussion. She has even refused to let me speak to him when he is over there and not near his phone. She even bought my husband a ATV for fathers day because I couldnt afford to get him one. She does everything in her power to mark her territory. Well, I guess she really is a *****.
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That is just how my mil acts towards my husband and I (except for the drinking and drug abuse)! I feel your pain.... Our mils are wretched b*tches!