Mil 2

She was more than evil. My ex worshiped her more than me. She came first. We had a few words here and there. Her old man was twice as bad and hated every single minute I was with them. They seemed to be know it alls and never could I get  my owrd in. Then came the baby. Their first grandkid and all hell broke out once she came home She took over like a drill sargent and I could not do anything at all. As the little girl grew I could not correct her in their presence nor could I punish her as ity was not good. They made my life hell. She did come over to my home a few times and when in my home I am the boss not you she was told. She picked up a knife began to yell at me andthen I took off getting the heck out of her way.

In small town Iowa were Iwas the local yokul was more like a clown just sitting on his fat butt and did nothing yet it was my choice to let things go and see what develops. Told the old gal that once I get my degree will terminate our relationship and head other ways. During our divorce was forced to make her the legal guardian just in case.Really made me think why have a family and marriage but relented just to keep peace. Once the divorce was done lost all rights to the kids thanks to the mil. The mil is really wicked and well glad that after 20 years have had no contact and let things go their own way.
honey624 honey624
56-60, M
Jul 25, 2010