This Is Getting Out Of Hand!

My husband and his ex girlfriend have never gotten along or seen eye to eye on anything that has ever had to do with their duaghter.  It was so bad that as a young child (before my involvement) instead of my husband dealing with his ex, He would pick up and drop off his daughter to his parents house.  Over 11 years ago when I met my husband, I thought this was strange.....I encouraged my husband more and more to stand up for himself, and stand up to his parents, and his ex, because at many times, It was more like his parents had the baby with the ex.  Eventually after a lot of drama, Court, The custoday, Access and support issues...We had every other weekend with his daughter, and instead of her spending the other weekends at home with her mother, She went to my husbands parents house still.  After a short time, there were always excuses for our weekends and many reasons why she wouldn't come over to visit our home.  When we would ask why...It was always said to us that it was my husbands daughters choice to come and see us.  This through the years has been devistating, My husband and I have three children, who are missing out on a relationship with their sister.

Now that my stepdaughter is 16, She has been running away from home and skipping school regularly since December.  We had to go to her school to access information as at first my husbands ex wouldn't give us any info about her eduacation although it was right in the court order.  In February we had my step daughter come to us, She actually stayed with us for a month claiming she wanted to live here with us.  We were all geeked to have our family finally together, We had to order her new ID as her mother would not help us in any way.  All of a sudden his daughter then dissapeared from our house and decided to return home to her mother.  We never even got a reason why??  While she went back home a good thing happened, My husband and his ex, actually started to communicate a lot better and started working together, Finally to do what is best for their daughter.  Unfortunately, His daughter ran off from her moms again and after months of not knowing where she is, We finally put it all together to discover that My husbands child now lives with My husbands parents!!!

After confronting them, they claim that it is My stepdaughters choice to live with them and that they had no intentions to tell any of us!!  It is also their plan to take their 16 year old grandaughter and help her get onto WELFARE!!!  Meanwhile all along we have huge issues with the child support we have been paying her mom all along since December!!!  This situation keeps going from bad to worse!!  What are we sapposed to do??    All we want is for his daughter to return HOME and get back on track with SCHOOL!!   This is causing nothing but huge fights between my husband and I.  I feel bad as he has little control in it all, and is really caught in the middle.  His parents really have a way of taking over and very rarely include their own son in their plans!!  It makes me sick!!

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41-45, F
Jul 25, 2010