Major Sh!te Storm Coming

I've just had 3 blissful weeks of not seeing my a**hole MIL come to an abrupt halt this weekend in the most aggrevating of ways. So sad! For the past few weeks she's had the audacity to call my husband at the 11th hour (well after our child is in bed and we prefer to cease phone activity) to cancel our Sunday visit due to her own inconvenience. While this is always a joyous occasion, it would've been nice to recieve these calls during a Godly hour and in time for us to perhaps make other plans for ourselves, but alas, basic class and etiquette continues to elude this woman. So, naturally, by the third week my husband had finally had it and began to entertain the thought of doing the same to her. My due date for the birth of our second child is upon us now and I was a little surprised that he was considering going visiting this past weekend at all. Even still, I encouraged him to cancel because I knew that I just wanted to be left alone to be quiet and peaceful at home with my family this weekend. Well, once again, if the MIL wants something, she's gonna find a way to muscle it in for herself no matter how it might make others feel...and she'll do it all under the guise of the "MIL martyr act". As my husband was on the phone and cancelling the standing arrangement for a breakfast visit that we have with her, explaining how tired and unwell I feel because I'm about to have the baby any day now, she mowed him over with her interruptions and stated that she would bring the breakfast to us, CLICK! My husband never even had the chance to discourage this and tell her not to come. He tried calling back, but there was, of course, no answer.

I think the worst part about this was that we both assumed that she was going to drop off the stuff already cooked and that we'd be able to get rid of her at the door, but NO! She had brought everything down raw and stacked in her own dishes, muscled her way in, and put it on us to cook the breakfast and entertain her while she sat on her fat *** sipping tea like the queen of England. I was so pissed off I didn't say boo to anyone that morning. I mean, for Lord's sake, there I am wiped-out and tired and dying with Braxton Hicks contractions and she comes over to create a mess in our kitchen and put us to work to entertain her. I know it sounds selfish, but I left it all to my husband to deal with the b!tch and her mess as I was so aggrevated that he didn't tell her to feck off at the door like he should have. I mean, you teach people how to treat you, right? That would've been a great lesson learned at the door...don't push yourself on others when they've already told you "no" and "what for". Of course, this was all done on her part with that "look at this HUGE selfless act I've done for you" attitude of hers. The martyr had struck again...and this time she had brought "gifts" with her.

One can only assume that my MIL is a filthy pack-rat with a penchant for hitting the most crap-laden garage sales she can find. My husband and I were flabbergasted when on top of the raw food she brought, she pulled forth this tatty bag filled with oddball items that she tried to pass off as new from a shopping trip the day before. Perhaps she did aquire some of these things the day before, but they were not new from an expensive shop as she adamantly would have everyone believe. She even told me to my face, like it was supposed to wound me, that the bottle of cheap, rancid, dust-encrusted perfume she gave to me was just lying around her house and that I shouldn't read too much into the name of it, "Scarlet Woman". To my husband she gave a pair of GIGANTIC boxer shorts that would no doubt be around his ankles the minute he let go of the waistband. To our unborn baby she gave a 3-pack of pound/dollar store pacifiers that look as though they will come apart if you so much as look at them funny. To my daughter, she brought a huge chocolate bar and a juice box off a six pack which she opened with such haste, frenzy, and fervor that half of the juice was squirted all over my kitchen table. Why, might you ask? Because these are the two things that everyone knows my daughter is allergic to (the orange juice especially) and she wanted my child to consume them before my husband and I swooped in to recue her from that which would give her rash, diarrhea, and stomach pains. Her sick plan worked. My poor baby girl had gotten some of that juice in her and has been red-raw and with diarrhea all day today. Thank God, she is fantastically toilet trained at 2 1/2 years old or all this poo spewing forth from her little system would have truly been a nightmare for me to keep up with at 9 months pregnant.

So, why all the "gifts"? is what I'm trying to figure out. Don't get me wrong, I know full and well that the stuff she gave to my daughter was meant to torture me on a Monday when my husband is at work and I am alone with my child, but the other stuff? What is she setting us up for under this guise of thoughtfulness? I've this really bad feeling that she's trying to set up a "buy" from all her "efforts" so that she can use it as ammo against us when we refuse her demand for God-knows-what down the line. Perhaps she's gotten the vibe that when I go into labour, she will not be getting my daughter to "look after" for all those hours unattended (my God, could you just imagine?). Maybe this is the thing that she's setting up to beat us with? Don't really know, don't really care because at this point, I'm really looking to have a good fight with her when I'm feeling better. In the meantime, I'm gladly accepting any suggestions for things to say and do when the 'fit hits the shan', LOL!
reddcorn1 reddcorn1
31-35, F
Jul 26, 2010