Where to begin? My husband's mother is overbearing. She's controlling. She manipulative. The worst part? She doesn't mean to be, she just IS. Her intentions are generally good and that is what makes me so angry. I can't tell her how much I hate what she does without it seeming like I am the complete jerk.

We come from separate cultures. I am American, raised with the belief that as a strong woman, I can do anything I set my mind to. Hers is a culture riddled with men who think they are better than they really are. Because I am so young, (23) I am not grown up enough to know what is good for me or my family. My husband does not share her interest in his native culture and he continues to fight with me against her ridiculous ideals.

Until I came along, she treated my husband as a baby. He has never moved out of his parents house and we continue to reside with them. They had financial problems and their house had to go in his name and he is responsible for part of the mortgage each month so now we are stuck here until they can get their act together so that we can start planning for our own lives. It gets better! We have a 9 month old son. We are trying our very best to shelter him from her negativity and the general absurdity of the family here but I am so worried that he will grow up with a very obscure outlook on life because of his grandmother.

I feel much better! THANK YOU!
Caelestris Caelestris
22-25, F
Jul 27, 2010