Guess Whos Coming To Town...........

So after cutting my MIL off about a month ago. No calls nor emails no photos of our daughter nothing. My husband tells me last night that HİS mom is planning a vist. OOOOHHHHH REALLY. This after she told me I would never see her again. Knew I should hae gotten that in writing.
About a month ago June 29th my daughter turned 1. My husband would be out of town for work on that day. We knew this a month ahead of time. So I told him that we would wait for the weekend to have her birthday. BECAUSE I WANTED HIM TO BE THERE. His mother just keap harping on and on and on about what we were going to do for her bday. And I had to tell her that we would wait until the weekend for him to arrive back and do presents and cake then.
She arrives to my home the night before my daughter bday to spend the week with us. YUCK!!!!!! Next day we get up and go to a resort to spend the day. My daughter, MIL and me. A day of swimming and relaxing for her birthday. We get there and my MIL behind my back put a party together with all her friends. Cake, ballons, children I have never meet nor has my daughter. ALL BEHIND MY BACK!!! I told her months ago I did NOT want to do this. Because her father was not able to be there. Plus I dont even know these people. We just wanted to do something small and with just us at OUR home.
So I went nuts on her. She told me I was nothing but a probleam for the family. Ok, Her husband has passed away. My husband is an only child. So which family was she refering to?????? She told me that I was ungrateful and would never see her again. That she was happy that we had this fight. And again said I would NEVER see her again.
I got all of my things together and left her stupid a%&s at the resort with her party. And all her friends. And I know she had lots to say about me. This was the straw for me. She ruined my daughter first b-day. She went behind my back. I got home and spoke with my husband about it. He didnt have much to say. What could he really say.
Now she is planning another vist. I have nothing to say to this women.She has gone out of her way to do hurtful things to me to our marrige. I want nothing to do with her. Wy wont she just keep her promise and stay the hell away from us. I still dont understand her comment about probleam for this family. This is MY FAMILY. This is MY CHILD. What I say goes. If you dont like it please let the door SLAM YOU IN YOUR FAT A%& ON THE WAY OUT.
I dont have the dates as of yet. But it will be soon I am sure. As I am heading out of town with my daughter in the midde of next month to London. Cant wait to see how this vist goes with her. SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She does not spea the best english nordo I peak or make any attemp to learn her lang. But am thinking I may take a fast class on all they nasty words I may need to learn to really get it through her head this time.
helpmeeeee helpmeeeee
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Kittenhasawhip, As I stated this was the straw for me. If this was the first time then yes I would say I over reacted. But this was the last for me. She has NEVER given a sh%& about my feelings and does what she wants. From trying to pick out our furniture to telling me she was going to take 2 days off and come and clean my house. I am a stay at home mother. With 1 child. Cleaning my how is something I do on a everyday base. Its never dirty in anyway. I could give a rats *** about her friends. You have NO IDEA what your talking about or what this witch has done. I had enough and left!!!! Oh and as for causing issues between him and his mother. She has NEVER had an issue to cause issue in my marrige to her son. So unless you know the full story you should not judge on just one of many storys.

WOW! She needs to stay at a hotel from now on and no longer be allowed to visit while your husband is out of town.