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My MIL didn't get me anything for my last birthday (because I had the audacity to ask her to pay me back the money she OWED me two months earlier), I didn't even get a 'Happy Birthday' when we went over there to see his Grandma. She didn't call to see how I was doing after I had surgery, either. God forbid we ever forget any important event in her life, because we will never hear the ******* end of it. She complained on her last birthday because we didn't spend enough money, and she bitched on Mother's Day, too. So for her birthday this year, I was thinking of either getting her nothing at all, or a book on how to be a good MIL. Either way, I'm curious to see her reaction.

I honestly have been trying to be a better, more positive, more forgiving person, but every time we see her its another problem. If we can't do something for her, she wants nothing to do with us. She thinks she should be able to treat us however she feels like, and we should still bow at her feet. How much am I supposed to put up with? Ever feel like you just had to send someone a message?
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My own mom said to get her nothing at all instead of the book, but I have to admit, I'm sooo curious to see what she would do! Although, we're still not certain she can read =D

Kelly34, said it correctly. As a bonus I would like to add " treat that heffer the way she treat you and she will get the picture. Either she will except it or reject it. Don't stress it, she is miserable and want the same for you!

oh how i understand what your saying......are you sure we dont have the same MIL...... we gave our MIL the same treatment she gave us last year....we got to a point where we thought that if we were not good enough to be treated with the respect that we so kindly give her then she was not worth our effots........needless to say since our first attempt which was our last..as we have not spoken to her since..... but we do have a lot more involved in our troubles with my MIL then just birthdays, christmas etc...... <br />
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you can only put up with so much...... its up to you how much you can handle.. but the more you put up with the more she is going to think she can get away with it,,and in the end will make it so much harded for you to try and control...<br />
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good luck