Huh? What? She Must Be Up To Something.

DH and I stopped by GMIL's house (where MIL lives) to drop off some of my old clothes for her to look at (all practically new, I lost weight). She was on her way out the door, to spend the weekend in another state. DH was upstairs in the bathroom, and I was downstairs with MIL. And everything was fine. She talked to me like we have never argued before in our lives, she didn't nag, or have to know about our every movement we plan on making when we leave. I just told her we had errands to run, and she didn't push for specifics. She talked about her last minute vacation, and where GMIL went for the day, and the weather- all while DH was upstairs. It was actually kind of nice. Why can't she be like that all the time?!?!

Makes me wonder if she's plotting something, ya know? Like this is the calm before the storm. She has done this kind of thing before, but never to this extent, to have a whole, not nagging, not pushy, not underhandedly bitchy conversation with her was weird, lol. But, it's still bad that she's been so awful to us in the past that we can't even trust her now, when she's being nice... For now.
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Thankfully you have your hubby's support (as I do). Yeah, I made myself a fool over and over in an effort to have a "nice" relationship, when I finally gave up, that's when she, SIL and BIL got afraid. "Gee, we REALLY don't have a nice relationship with her and them" well, duh, by then it was way too late for me to open up anymore and we were done with their BS. So many DILs don't have their hubby's support and I don't know how they deal with that!

Thanks, peaceknot. DH just said the exact same thing to me 'Don't let your guard down'. It's hard for me to keep my distance when someone is being nice, because it makes me feel cold, and I want to be able to have a good relationship with her. I know in my heart that something is up, but that doesn't stop me. <br />
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I feel like I'm letting her get away with the little things because she has been so nice, and I hate that. Thats how it always starts, you give her an inch, and she takes a mile. I can't do that to myself again.... Yeah, I really need to get a grip. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me- and I'm not into shame. <br />
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Thanks again =)

I completely understand. Being nice = somethings up! These women can't be "nice" all the time b/c they just aren't nice. So when they are being "nice" it's usually not genuine and orchestrated for their own benefit.. don't let your guard down, follow your instincts and stay strong!