what can i say?evil nasty manipulative sad my mum in law

she spend minimum on us xmas , birthdays etc, on her daughter and son in law who she loves spends loads, spends loads on them and their child, her and my husband got married she gave us nothing but gave her daughter when she got married 2000 pounds!!!!the card said congratulations from her and my husbands sister, no wedding on the card just a general congratulatuions, no gifts from mum in law or sister in law, my husbands family are petty and childish, when its there bday they want lots gifts, husbands sister and brother in law get everything you know why?because THEY DO WAHT SHE WANTS THEM TO DO. she is a control freak she planned her daughters wedding and invited who she wanted and her daughter let her!!!!she wants to control everyone because me and my husband wont do what she wants she gives us nothing.she tries to tell me oi should cook roast 4 him every sunday, her baby . she treats her own son like **** and me, but he still sees her!!!!

sweetie12 sweetie12
26-30, F
Dec 26, 2007