She Makes Me Crazy. Acts Like My Husband Is Her Husband. An The Sister Is Just The Same.

Well I have a husband he is 31 years old. An I have been married for about 5 years now an ohh my goodness his mom an him are driving me crazy.
She has him call her when he gets home. When he goes some where an when he wakes up an goes to sleep. She in our busyness an I cant seem to stop it.
She says well I help on some stuff. But I dont need her telling me how to be a wife asking if I got this done for him or if I have this done for him. I cant even have a life because its always about him. An she wants him over there at her house all the time. Like he is still living with her. An hes sister an her son they make me feel like his sister son is my husbands son I tell you he will make plains with me an turn an if they call an say her son wants to she him he want even think about me an our plans he will leave an do what they want him to do an he will do it. He says I just dont want no one mad at me, well I am the one that he should not want mad at him. I am the wife. I feel left out all the time. I have been  married to him long anof to have some kinda respect from her. But all i get is the same thing, I stand up an say something but it just goes back to the same way it was. An two months ago it was my b day an his sister says I wanted to have a weekend with just me an him his sister sits an says some things about her son see him after I has already told them that we had plans then two weeks later she adds hes ex wife to he facebook an tells her to add my husband as a friend. An I see it an tell the woman that I was his wife an that I didnt want her asking or talking to my husband an then his exs runs to my husbands sister an his sister takes up for the ex. then trys to erase a message she wrote on face book an I got it anyways because it goes to my email. It was her taken up for my husbands ex. Then the sister says she didnt mean for that to go to me an my husband takes up for her. When see was the one that started it in the first place an they tell me I am in the wrong because I am not talking to her any more. Then the sister babys daddy that I hate with a passion messages me on face book an tells me that my husband is a lie an that he had been talking to his ex wife an he is a lie his self an he has beat on my sister inlaw an the girl is with he any ways just because she wants her son the have a family she so stupid. I just dont know what I am going to do. My life is making me crazy. I cry every day, An I love my husband but he is just as bad as them he calls his mom 20 times a day an never talks to me about me. HELP!!! 
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1 Response Nov 12, 2010

To be honest. I think that you have suffered enough. Tell him how you feel and think when you are alone with him. Tell him and show him proof about what is going on in the email. If things don't change then you have a hard choice to make. Either continue to exist like this,because it is not living that's for sure. Or move on and don't look back,,he is old enough to know and set in his way by can't save or change can only be responsible for you. Take care.