How Far Is Heaven?

I can't stand the sound or sight of my MIL, just hearing her ignorant voice makes me want to puke.  No matter what I do its never enough or done the way she wants it despite that the end result is the same.  She does the same to my wife, no what she does or how she does it, the MIL is sure to complain about it not being done right or not how Popo ( grandma ) did it.  She treats my wife like a personal chauffeur, Secretary and a slave.  Thats what ****** me off the most about my MIL.  Did I mention that she's a hoarder?  She has crap all over the house that can be tossed or donated but no she keeps it piled up all around the house.  When my BIL confronted her about it all she did is come up with one excuse  after another why she can't get rid of it  For example, worn out brooms, rake handles, boxes, baskets you name she has it piled some where.  Its like living on the set of Sandfort and son, its going to take a 40 rolloff to trash alll the crap she has laying around.  The other thing that erks me is her habit of washing and reusing the following: saran wrap, foil, paper plates and paper towerls!  Gross!   Ever week I pray to God for strength  and forgiveness because ever morning I hope that the MIL didn't wake up.  Hell I stopped watching CSI and Cold Case because I would dream of getting rid of the MIL.  All I have is feelings of annimostity and hate towards my MIL.  One day my wish will come true and I will be the first in line to say goodbye at her funeral, I will also return to her grave site later to dance on her gravve with a dozen black roses in the light of a pale blure moon.  

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I just read your post and I just thought I should let you know, I am working on a new documentary style TV show about families dealing with the types of issues you describe here. It will be airing on a major cable network this coming Spring/Summer. ba<x>sed on what you've written I think your family could really benefit from participating. It's a really positive show that aims to bring families closer together! I would love hear more about what your dealing with and tell you more about this new series. <br />
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It is like you are writing about my judgemental miserable negative HOARDING cheap clothes that are too young for her, redneck, mother in law. I died when you mentioned Sanford and Son b/c I hum it when we pull into their driveway. My husband laughs sometimes and sometimes he gets randomly angry like he is hearing it for the first time!! I do not feel guilty for my hate for her b/c God himself knows what a truly rotton dirty sun damaged ***** she really is and he feels badly for me! lol! 2 years ago at Christmas she had stockings up for everyone in the family that was in town-8 people-and-the 3 dogs, and.... WAIT FOR IT .......THERE WAS NOT ONE UP FOR ME!!!! Who does that?? When my husband asked why my name was not up there she said it must have been lost, and he believed her!!UGH!!! Not that it was not possible with all the clutter in the house! Anyway, just wanted to tell you that there is another one out there. Your story made my day!!!! Take Care and anytime you need to vent feel free!