God I Hate My Mother In Law

Dear marie,

Iam truly sadden by having to write this letter, but I have a lot of questions of you I don’t know what ive ever done to you that you have to treat me like your hated mother in law marg. Things just don’t add up things that you have said to me I wont forget the first time I met you the first thing you said to me is laughting as you said it, let me adopt torrie and home school her , yah I know you laughted like it was a joke, but you didn’t know me from any one and why would you want to take my daughter from me . iam not a helpless mother and I wont ever let any one raise my daughter and as for as home schooling it’s a wast of time I don’t agree with it the children have problems adapting to other children like anna getting bullyed by shelly. But I respect you to not say any thing about it anna’s your daughter .  then befor dad died  Donald offered to move in and help you out and you handed him his *** I WONT HAVE NO OTHER WOMAN LIVING IN MY HOUSE TAKING OVER, that’s what you said .but iam sure you rember it very differently . you forget iam not MARG. Your mother in law iam very different and I never wanted your house ever! You have used DONALD , and me . i think you had all this planed out ,then you came to me asking if we would please move in to help you out , and I told you the truth what I said I don’t want to hurt your feelings but I told you the truth I didn’t think It would work out and you kept on begging Donald to get me to change my mind. And I did I was upset becalse I saw what your plan was to use your son , then when your husband died your son chashed in his retirement in to help you ungrateful as you are , all you could say is praise the treamsters I don’t know what I would do with out them , and you laughted when Donald reminded hey mom we payed for dads furnal , you laughted and said oh well we are even and I would have had him creamated god how crule you hurt your son by laughting telling him oh well I would have dad burnted , lord that was so cruel I was shocked at how you could treat him. You have done nothing but make his life and my pure hell , you are always handing me my *** over something stupid , the time you told me how you opend up your house to me and you don’t have to stand the crap , well let me tell you lady I GAVE UP MY HOUSE FOR YOU and how to you thank us bitching at every thing I do , I disrespect you by cooking and not offering you any excuse me you always say I don’t eat after 1pm, or I don’t eat after 4pm , or I don’t eat meat or no thank you , its always something .  and how you felted so gulty taking Anna from her mother if you really felted that way then give her back to her mother, but its self fish your all about the money her check you couldn’t make it wit out anna’s check our money we have given you , you know all donalds only getting 19hundered a month and you take $600.00 or $700.00 we have spent over 11 thousand dollars living here we have done so much for you buying you a stove all you can say is when you move out don’t take the stove , oh lord that was a gift and a gift is a gift. You know this didn’t have to be like this we could have it so nice but you are greeving you wont let us help you , I tried to talk to you when you was handing my *** to me I tried to understand that you were greeving for your dead husband I understand you are going threw something iam sorry for that and you told me I hated him . why did you stay married to him? Fear ? why the money? Why? You wanted to be taken care of .  DONALD told me what you and dad had planed Donlads life Donald was supposed to pay off the morage and give ANNA the say so on the house ,talking about a joke the joke was on you he wasn’t stupid . what kind of people are you. Then you wanted cherie living there to and Donald and his sister raising anna ,brother and sister raising her child. Words just cant say how crazy that is. Donald has told me so much and I see why he always defends you . but now ive messed it all up marring your son, he has a right to live HIS life and not be under your controle you can controle anna till she runs off , anna will get sick of it too and then you will be alone . a controller always ends up alone , and its so sad . the person ive seen glimstes of named marie seemed like a nice lady . I don’t know if your just losing your mine or what . ive seen the good in you but its now buried with dad all  I see now is a bitter old lady . don’t worry just be happy you don’t know how to be happy and that’s really sad becalse ive seen the better side of you and you can really be a good person , I don’t know who you are now you look for every reason to pick a fight and you know I have a temper but I refuse to give you the controlling power that you crave so you can threw us out I know your holding your breath to get to say get out ! you have to give up being a controller , your missing out on your golden years . its so sad .  respect first starts with you and when you don’t give respect you wont ever get it, life is all about you  if I walk in the room and don’t say good morning I must be mad at you , that aint even it you are so full of your self .  you have never eccepted me marring your son and my daughter , becalse every time we go some where if we don’t take anna you guilt trip you should see guilty becalse you went to gattie town and didn’t anna you felted I was braggin . I wanst you asked where we were and I told you ,  you have never eccepted me or TORRIE . my daughter don’t hate you she just hates how you treat her like shes a bad child , my daughter has been threw some emotional abuse and you are emotional abusing my daughter as well as us . we cant do any thing in the house with out you having something to ***** about it . you will have your house all to your self so be happy you have hurt us for the last time enjoy your golden years all alone .  I wont be apart of your constant fussing over stupid stuff . you live your day to fuss about something and I see a really sad child down deep named marie that never got over being lifed by her parents , you live in denial about so many things like your grand daughter having a eating problem , the child probly has bad nurves becalse she sees what you are doing and you can and will tell anna that I took her uncle Donald away from her and you will cause her pain ,but I will give her this letter and I will and Donald will set down with her and tell her the truth about every thing ive got all my bank statements to prove how much money we have spent on you and I can show anna how you have used us . the truth will stand no matter how to lie to her . and one day after your are in your grave anna will come to us and we will show her the letters , and we will tell her the truth . I WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND DONALD IS MY HUSBAND AND TORRIES FATHER NOT YOUR HUSBAND AND NOT ANNA'S FATHER . HES ANNA'S UNCLE  we will always take anna places with us shes apart of our family ,but i know you after you read this letter you wont let anna have a part in her uncle and aunts life .or will it just be better for you just not to know any thing why we wont come over any more for sundays or thanksgiving dinners or christams, and well it will be just you and your 5 dogs and anna becalse your daughter dont even come over to your house for thanksgiving mmmm it will all come back to you what you have done to us .




lunnas lunnas
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2 Responses Feb 10, 2008

Dear Lunnas,<br />
<br />
Again my deepest sympathy to you. <br />
<br />
You deserve a good life. No woman should be treated like the way you were treated. <br />
<br />
Be strong and indepened, that's the best way to fight back at the losers that are your husband and your MIL. I appologize for naming them losers but mine are not much better.<br />
<br />
My only advise of help to you is that you should get ready to get out of this situation. Happiness is within yourself and there are other happy people out there who will offer you support and the wonderful life that you deserve.<br />
<br />
Our MILs are SO AWFUL and I am sure they will suffer in hell when they die. <br />
<br />
Take care of yourself, don't lose any sleep over people who are not worth even one second of your thought on them.