I Just Hate Her

Hey I am a simple Indian girl who came to USA on spouse visa.My husband is very sweet guy he loves me lot and cares about me also.I stay here in join family which comprises on his mother,father and his small bother.His father and his bother are really good too me.My brother-in-law is like my friend.But my mother-in-law she is real disaster.She is so bossy and dominating,she troubles me everyday and keeps on saying rubbish things to me and my parents.its been 7months I am staying with her and she makes me cry everyday.Its like a hell for me i have to suffer everyday.When i share this feeling with my husband he doesn't understand me, instead he stops talking to me. I don't know what to do.I love him so i can't get separated from him.He doesn't want to stay away from his parent and I have to suffer everyday.Since I am new to this country i don't have friends with whom i can share my feelings.When I was in India i was a fun loving girl and now word fun is just lost from my life.I hardly smile here I am just broken.................
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Sounds like you're living with his parents. Time to break that tradition and move out. Either with your husband or without. Hope since you posted you've gotten a job.<br />
It sounds like he's really enmeshed with his family, so you might have to get him to a counsellor to help him break away. It's not going to be easy.<br />
Would like an up to date post so that we can give you more help if you need it. gl

Hun, you need to talk to your husband about moving out and into your own place together. I agree about getting a job that way you can help pay bills that way he has no way to arguee aginst it cause he can't say that his job cant support you both and pay for an apartment or anything like that. Just remember money is freedom that way if something happens you have a way out cause you will be able to take care of yourself. If you need help looking for a job message me and I will help you look. I can get your work info and help you do a resume. I just feel bad for you cause I would go nuts if I had to live with my mother in law.

i think u should igore her an find a job that will keep u busy away from the house. and talk 2 your husband and if he love u he will have respect for u an tell himmom 2 leave u alone an stay out of his life.

i think you should just consider looking for a job that will make life easier for you,talk to your hubby before taking the step.

yeah thanks for that........I am looking forward to it!!!!!