Anyone Come Up With Any Good Advice Or Strategies?

Like everyone else on this group, i really hate my MIl - she is controlling and is ruining everything good in my life - turning my relationship with my husband sour and squeezing the joy out of my relationship with our beautiful son. i hate the way my hatred for her is poisoning my life. Has anyone come to terms with a difficult mil and can pass on some tips as how to deal with her?
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Talk to your husband about it and just try to cut ties with her between you and your son. It is his mom and he will go see her unless he can't stand her either. but the most you can do is just try to let it go. I kind of just start taking dep breaths while my mother in law is calling starting drama. Thank God I don't live near her right now.

Have you ever given yourself a chance to like her.She is the mother of your partner so how can you ever hate her as much us you do. Maybe you are jealous of their relationship so you feel that way. Try to be nice to her even if she is nasty to you. She will realized how wonderful of a person you are and whatever it is that's making herself be nasty to you she will realized that you are a good person. Just try, you will not lose anything by being nice. I always believed that people no matter how nasty they are there will always be a soft spot in their heart. Harmony is always nice in the family,that will be the greatest gift you can give to your son.<br />
Just do what is good and forget the hatred you feel.Life is too short.

Even if that means letting her do stuff that's really bad for my son? No - i'm sorry but it's my responsibility to look after him - he's just a child. Perhaps your lucky to have a good MIL. What i was looking for here was some support to deal with a very difficult person. I've been a good and nice person all my life. But with some people, you just can't do anything right/

No if she is doing stuff that's bad for your son well that's not really good.Will you be able to specify the the bad stuff that she does.I do support your feelings of doing the best you can and she still doesn't acknowledge the goodness in you. There are always difficult people out there it might not even be a mother in law. The best thing you should do is to talk to your husband with how you feel. He will be the only person that will be able to help you.And if he loves, you then he will understand how important it is for you and him to be the only people to look after your son not unless your mother in laws opinion is needed.I do feel sorry for you it's not easy when people just take you for granted,and they think they are always right and you are wrong. Just good care of yourself cause the more you let yourself angry the more the she will make you unhappy with your life.Show her that you are in control with yourself.