The Days Are Numbered With My Mother In Law

I love it! she thinks she controles all . not so becasle we just got our taxes and we will be moving out!!! i cant wait to break it to her! she couldnt con me into moving back in with her not even if h ell was frezing over today! the old controling old bat with have her big house all to her self and her grand daughter , have fun and for thanksgiving and christmas we will have the flu! cant make it for thanksgiving dinner or christams sorry

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3 Responses Mar 10, 2008

update sents Jan,16 2009 we have bought our own house and moved to the next town <br />
things are peaceful with her but I hate that mothers day is comming up she acts like mother of the year so ive got to put on a fake smile . maybe i will have a cold that day

LOL... Good for you!

Hooray!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!! As soon as school is over, we will be ditching this hell hole and getting as far away as is currently possible... and then when it is possible...get even further away. I also plan to be sick for every major holiday for the rest of my life!!!!