Toxic Mother and mother In Law

Is it the gennaration of  narcissistic people ages from age50-87? My mother was 68 and my father was the same age , my mother and father was young when they had us kids ages 19 , they had to get married . its almost the gennaration of baby boomers that had children from brainless thoughts of what it ment to be a parent . raising the children with no empthy of the poor kids being panwned off to any one that would baby set , it didn’t matter what the children needed the parents of these gennarations  needs and wants was always first . rasiing up the children never nurtchering the children to ever say the words I love you or I am proud of you . raising their childen in such toxic guilt never letting the children forget what a burden they was for just being born . such a self fish gennarations  rasing and having se x not carring what harm they did to the children rainsing them with such shame . making the children pay for the sins of the parents . the denialville the parents was in when their child was sexually abused always blaming the child for the adults actions of abuse making the innsent child carry the toxic blame and shame for their misdeeds . that was the gennaration that never took blame or any thing they caused always blaming the children .  toxic parenting that they had no clue and didn’t care any way , teaching the children that they was the parents to their own sisters and brothers . having a son and daughter . making the younger son his sisters parent, to pay the house morage and pay all the bills . rasiing the son to belive and know every day how stupid he is and his only worth in life is to raise his older sister and his kniese to raise his older sister to be his children the incested toxic parenting to teach the son his worth is only how much money he can bring into the house . and teaching his sister its ok to minulape your brother becalse hes so stupid his worth is only for money he can pay all the bills and pay off your morget and give the house to his brainless sister , treating her like shes retarted and needs to always be taken care of becalse shes stupid too but its ok to coddle her so she can learn the game of minulapating her brother and everyone . teaching the son that his sister is to be pittyed and aways protected we cant ever make poor little pittyful older sister ever accountable for any thing , and even taking her child away from her so she can act like a tramp and drink teaching her after all she has a life other than being a mother she choose to be by having se x with out the thought of what birth controle is . it didn’t matter the toxic gennaration of that parent always clean up her mess so after they die shes so helpless . she is the result of the controle and sloppy parenting that gennaraion of the ages of 60-84 . all the worth of the grand child is nothing more than a paycheck is why she was adopted she means more social security money to the grand parents is why she was taken away from the unfit daughter parent . its so toxic that gennaration all the son was to the parent was nothing more than money raising him to know it too. Mothers loving words of son you cant move out we need to , meaning I know how to cry on cue to make you feel the guilt of I want only your money its not love . why they treated the sister like a princess that was so help less teaching her to minulape all the family becoming like her mother using everyone . another self fish gennaration his sister is age52 and she cant make it on her own shes as good as her next husband shes has six . now the daughter wants her child back at the age of 15 all she is now to the mother is only a pay check using her daughter . not putting the daughter of 15 first . so the cycle of toxic parenting keeps going with the daughter and the daughter will raise her daughter to use aonly  for money if the grand daughter didn’t get a social security check the mother wouldn’t have wanted to raise her its all about the ol mighty greed . its all about me their gennaration pretty sad they cant put their child’s needs first . she brings up her grand daughter with no boundrys  ,she rasies the grand daughter to belive shes a adult at a young age telling the grand daughter that the housegrand ma raises her in hers when the grand mother dies, and telling the young grand daughter that her car will be her car . raising her never to know boundrys of earning any thing just giving her everything she asks for making her behavior of action out like a spoiled brat she gives in to her every demand by this shes rewarding her bad behavior ,the grand mother shows the daughters child how to act when she gets older teaching her the mastery skill of controlling all around her by showing her she can do as she wishesh and grandma will bail her out of everything in life , like her mother she knows no broundrys of any kind of respect for anyones things . the grand mother shows the grand daughter her mastrys of the boundrys of no respect to her son treating him like hes stupid by her actions telling him what ever he brings into the house it become hers , even if it’s a computer its hers ,letting the daughter and grand daughter us his computer

Till its torn up when he confronts her about having his computer  used showing him nothing will ever belongs to him as long as its mom’s house even though hes adult all he good for nothing but his money paying for her morage . then when he sees whats she doing and confronts her she crys on cue telling him she needs him . treating the son toxic  like hes her husband emotionally abusing him by the guilt trips she puts on him when he wants to move out . her games she plays with him like reading his emails from his wife logging into his account on his bank . she knows no boundrys snooping in his every life  and respection no one not even her self . and she wonders why he don’t want to see her . shes ablivious of why her daughter don’t want anything but money from mom. Shes become whats shes treated her son like nothing but money . her greed is never ending and her controle is out of controle shes so toxic . there are so many mothers having more than one child and the daughter is raised to be so helpless and the sons’s worth is nothing more than his money . the mother that’s this toxic is hated by her daughter in law like she hated her mother in law . she will do all she can to make sure her son is in the middle of her meddling mess to try and break up his marrage . but I see threw her toxic controle . I want nothing to do with her for my mother in law is just like my mother her actions are the same abusive as my birth mother . I choose to have no relationship with my birthmother or my mother in law . I choose to raise my daughter differently , with love not to be used .

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I agree there was a whole generation like that tat were blamers only thats how the later generation was full of heart diseases n low moral n depression .....thu I had to skip last half of your story as I got tired

l agree that many of the people that grew up in the 4Os/ 5Os (boomers) are the most spoiled, selfish, self indulgent, hedonistic people I know of. What they did in the 60s was pure seIf indulgence. As a victim of this extreme narcissism I can vouch for what you are saying.

but let me say if my mother in law ever needed any thing but living with me i would help her and do almost anything for her . all winter long my husband and i check on her when it snows and we do look out for her . we see if she needs food or anything .we do what we do becalse its the right thing to do . if you want to check out my mother in law storys check out my blogs

I am working on forgiving my mother and mother in law . belive it i do know how hard it is to raise<br />
children I am a mother .I do admit having a child you dont get a manal ,but my mother and mother in law choose to abuse us. my mother choose to abuse her chidren, and if you have been threw every thing ive been threw with my abusive mother and father , the world forgive then would be a hard to to say when i hear some one tell me that , its like what i was saying about thier gennaration that belived just get over it , forget and forgive . it just bothers me that people christans and just minimise childhood abuse as if its so easy just to forgive , dont get me wrong i want to forgive but at the age of 46 iam dealing with flash backs so bad i should be in a hospital , and other problems for the abuse,i just want to know why people in the gennaration from ages 69-80 no effence ment if you fall in that age group , i dont mean to effend you. but why cant they understand and even empathize with the child they abused child , all i ever hurd was i'll give you something to cry about things like that but the abuse i suffred was deeper , i was beaten ,locked in a clset , rapped by my father ,told daly by my mother when you dad wants se x with you its ok with me your his i wont talk about the rest , i ask god every day help me heal and forgive for all of it.<br />
ive had it hard in my life and i know lifes not a bowl of cherrys , you almost sound like my mother in law . as for her she and i have the relationship she wants distance but toleration of each other at family events . i never say a mean word to her i am alway kind to her even after all shes put us threw , but i drawl the lines with her when it comes to her hurtting me again . my health is more inportant and the reasion i say this is for 18 months she put us threw hell, and she caused me to have a stroke from her putting me down and all the stress she caused us . there is so much i havent put in this blog check out my mother in storys . i am in councling over all that ive been threw . so many that say forgive her free your soul, i am working on that every day with god praying hard for god to help me heal from all of it . but the attuide of forgive and forget will salve it all and god bless too , i hear it all the time enabling coments . but she is who she is and i have to eccept her for that doesnt mean i have to like the way she treats her son my husband and my daughter<br />
or turn the other cheek for her to slap it again . but for good bad or indiffrent she is who she is.

They only care about themselves. l imagine there are souls who only come to Earth when society is at the height of material excess. They destroy that society. They are hardly human; more like demonic.

You are right we actually can not change who some one is but we can act intelligient and act better than them ....if only thing that can mend a wrong is the right another wrong would make it absolute wrong.thats why all the religions ever kept preaching it cause it had to be taught .....revenge n bitterness acts against you ....keep peace act calm

I find it hard to comment on your story. You sound very unhappy.<br />
<br />
I do hope you realize that without anyone to help you know how to raise a child that you should also find some good parenting books to guide you.<br />
<br />
Being a parent is a very hard job. The hardest job there is, if taken seriously. No two children have the same needs and it is hard for any mother to know what each child needs. They are never born with instruction books. Therefore no one person has all the answers.<br />
<br />
Love and Faith is the best place to start. If you give your child love, they will know how to love. If you give your child Faith, then they will have a rock when they need it.<br />
<br />
I hope someday you will be able to forgive your MIL and your mother; forgiveness frees the soul.<br />
<br />
Prayers to you - Sincerely.

amen hunny . she has become the mother in law shes hated so bad, but i dont hate her just hate what abuse she does , shes really sad whats shes become .

Great blog hon. It's so true the way people can manipulate their children.<br />
All we can do is live life positively and well.<br />
It's like the old saying, misery loves company.<br />
It's like they don't want us to succeed but be forever beholding to them while complaining to everyone who will listen what a burden we are to them, it really makes no sense...