My Mother Hates My Husband and Son

I have been with my husband 17 years and have a 16 year old son, my mother treats my husband like crap and says my child is disrespectful because he won't talk to her when she is here but all she says is how he is gonna fail when he goes to college and how someday he will be in jail.  My son is a great kid doens't drink no drugs and is very close to his father and I in fact tells us stuff we sometimes don't want to know,  my husband is a great person has no bad habits doesn't even really drink and is not abusive has never cheated on me or anything he is very good to me and our son, my mother and sister sometimes are very rude when they come to visit which we live a long ways apart so thank god but I want to be able to visit my family but they have made it so they aren't kind to me or my family and I have had it.  my husband and i are very close with each other and never ask for anything from my family and have a successful business together so any suggestions?

sadiesuehen sadiesuehen
Mar 28, 2008