Thanksgiving With Mother In Law

I cant wait for the drama . ive been married to my husband sents 2005 my mother in law
from the very start didnt like me didnt want to get to know me or anything she didnt want anything
to do with my daughter .well we had been married at that time a few years like in 07 her husband had been fighting small
cell cancer , he lost his battle and died ,well mother in law freaked out she got us to pay for her husbands
furnal telling us we was moving in with her , so we wound up giving up our house moving in with her aginseted
my better judgment i spoke up to her telling her i didnt think it would work . i told her no well she informed me we was moiving in with her
and shes cleared out 2 bedrooms. the day we burryed her husband she told my niese anna, that donald was the new man of the house and she had to obey him . you say something like that when you have a new sep father , or boyfriend , donald is her son not her husband! 
 it getts worse ,when she enrolled my nises anna into public school , anna didnt know how to get along and talk with the other kids,see she adopted her grand daughter  and home schooled her . it was all to controle her . well i saw the paper work from the school all parents have to fill out every year .
she put who to contack ,if cased something happend to anna in case of emerngcy she put donald was her step dad , creepy aint it!!
 i made a copy of that paper and showed my husband , and she lied to the school telling them she was supporting all of us didnt even tell them we was paying her $700.00 a month rent (its called income) so anna got on free lunch , we had to pay full price for our daughters lunch and the other income she didnt tell them was the 4 grand she got a month income also , she lied about it all , now the daughter anna lives with her birth mother in the next county and they both lie the grand mother ,and anna's mother lies to the school saying she still ives here in our town ,they put people in jail for that kind of stuff ,i didnt want to but that was the begging of pure hell she bilked us out of 15 thousand dollars in 18 months
living with her nearly cost me my life the stress was so bad it caused me a stroke . mind you we payed her rent money every month
$700.00 we bough our own food, and our own washing  power and all our other needs for us we didnt cost her one dime
we even bought her a new storve and marble butchers block . well the first thanksgiving after her husband died we thought we would
take her out to dinner we went to Jerry's she pitched a fit about everything , the next year we went to a diffrent restrant  my food was cold
it was a mess . so this year we are going to another restrant that for $20.00 a plate we can go back and get more food and the food is really
good , my husband is going to stand up to her . i cant wait for the drama! oh and she just loves to be a pain by saying
i'll pay for your daughters meal , she does this every time we go out to eat , we first was every other time we would pay and the
next time she would pay ,well after the first sunday dinner she had to pay this one big family dinners out on sunday stoped after she
had to get the bill. so now when we go out to eat she only pays for hers , and if my sister and brother in law come with anna her daughter
grand ma (mother in law) i'll pay for anna's meal and torries meal (my daughter is torrie) god she dives me crazy
i might have a glass of wine befor i got to thanksgiving dinner this year or maybe i'll take a vaium befor i go . it should be
full of drama i just cant wait . iam praying donald stands up to the old bat!!! oh then theres christmas dinner with al of them
and she cooks just cant wait , but some thing she dont know if the week of thanksgiving iam cooking for my family
she aint comming , now you may think oh thats so cold and mean , but ive envited her over for dinner iam sick of hearring oh i cant eat after
1pm, 4pm then its 6pm , shes a controler and we all must come to her wonerful house where she controles all of it .
iam making sure to have wine in the refg. i'll need it to clam my nerves .
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well we had another thanksgiving iam grateful its over . i smiled and cracked joke as always mmy laughter hides my real feeling and plus a glass of wine in the grape soft drink bottle .we took her out to eat so no one would have cook all day and do dishesh. i know its bad using wine to help me ease the uneasyness of the dinner ,so she didnt like once again she didnt ike waiting in line . i jumpped out of the car to get us a spot in line this year i didnt mind , so in she started in the line now you dont have to pay for mine just on and on she wouldnt shut up . so at the restrant you have to pay befor you eat , so i told the lady 3adults and one 1 senior . all the time i am paying shes say no karla dont do that , i didnt care if she was using her reverce phycoligy on me . i just didnt care i wanted to do something nice . i'll pay for torries she just kepted saying ,she cant stand it or acts like she dont like people paying for her . she drives me nuts . with her you cant win . then she starts picking apart the meal . so i just blocked her out and started talking about other stuff laugting while she started well i dont like the turkey ,so next year shes cooking both thanksgiving and christmas grape pop here i come again . her next plan is making her gradge into a work out gym thinking me and donalds comming to work nope not comming so she can waste her money poor as she clames to be. all year she crys iam so poor bring in four grand a month she sooo poor b/s lord the woman unplease able . pass the wine .but most of all i am thankful its over now comes christmas shes cooking cant wait!

Good strategy changing the subject!! Congratulations!! You survived!! You are a star!!

You totally have my sympathy! Holidays can be very traumatic and a real nightmare! You are not alone and many suffer with ill mannered relatives and relations who are a disgrace...keep your chin up and know that you have positive thoughts and 'vibes' being sent from those of us who understand what you're going through. I hope that all goes well...sometimes I imagine it's an episode in a comedy show when I have to go out with my husband's relatives, who are so weird it's unbelievable. They constantly embarrass me and cause me to cringe. His mother also eats at bizarre times of day and what ever I do is wrong and not cooked properly (although I'm a trained chef and worked in top class restaurants in France for years). Grin and bear it if you love him enough otherwise arrange something else and give your excuses, late on so that you can't be derailed!<br />
Good luck!

if i where you i would just go to her house let her serve you let her do all the work you just sit back and relax and enjoy even though your not enjoying yourself you pretend my mother in law cant even cook for us she only has 1 son here and 3 grand children who she sees once a year and she lives near by and drives and acts like a 20 year lod even though she is 60 and also has an 18 year old son who she treats like he is 4 years old just not a good person at all