My Mother In Law Is Crazy.really!

I have always thought my mil was nuts, shes annoying and repetitive and generally doesnt make any sence. she drives me mad. things recently got worse, we had to stay at her home for a month while contruction on our new house was completed, I just had a baby 6 weeks ago, and had to avoid her by "running errands" everyday of my maternity leave,  she makes my skin crawl, shes creepy.she always needs an min by min recap of my entire day,  the other night I swear she pinched my little baby girl, she started screaming from a sound sleep, you know the "hurt" cry, when I asked what happened she acted weird and said i um think she needs a diaper change..right never once have a seen a baby cry like that for having a dirty diaper. She is very mentally unbalanced and everyone I know agrees shes just not quite alright upstairs, my husband doesnt think she would hurt the baby , i told him I dont ever want her unsupervised again with her for even a second I just get a bad feeling about it. Shes nuts!!!
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welcome to my world my mil makes me wanna go nuts i live with her till we can get a Apt. she always starts drama so me and my husband will fight and my husbands is so a mommys boy so he always sides with her. Like tge other day as soon as my husband gets home she calls my name so i come down and she yells you made my PG&E go up 20 bucks I told her no I don't use power less I'm cooking other then that I charge my phone in the car and i watch tv on my phone. She went crazy and yelled no you watch tv all day in the tv room and turn all the lights on. My husband said she is always on her phone never in the tv room and she doesn't use the lights less when its dark. So then she goes on about how I'm lazy and don't do anything which I do I wash the clothes put them out. Do the dishes even thou I don't use them. I clean the house while I'm watching my son. But since I don't fix windows paint the deck or fix the roof I'm lazy. So tells me what I can or can't do with MY SON she makes him sleep with her and her husband. She won't let me read him a book for bed. She doesn't let me give him baths. She thinks that all I am is a maid and she's the mom. The other day she put my 3 year old in the front seat and when I yelled she said the air bags r off he's fine and wouldn't take him out. She makes my life a living hell. She is trying everything to make me and my husband divorce she's bring up the passed and putting words in my husbands ears. Its working he's asking me for one and saying just the rudest stuff I swear I'm always crying in the house. I can't leave because they won't let me take my son they pull him away and since daddys there cops can't do anything.I won't leave my husband because when its just us where so happy no fights at all but when the mil comes home from her trips she takes here and there it starts and it gets bad. I just don't no what to do. I hate my mil

Ask her if she pinched the baby to see her reaction . Than tell her she's not allowed to be with baby alone.

Dont let that crazy ***** hold your baby ever again!

better tell your husband to bring his mom in a specialist....

welcome to my world ive got a mother in law from hellll

wow pinching a baby not cool no matter how coco for coacoa puff u are

Your first instinct is usually right. I know what you mean by the "hurt" cry. You know your child better than anyone else. There can be 20 different cries, and a mother knows exactly what each one means. Keep that woman from your child, if she's capable of pinching a baby like that, what else could/would she do with no one else around? I think my mil is unstable as well. I refuse to see or talk to that vile woman anymore, but my kids miss their mamaw, so my husband will take them for "visitation". Of course under MY RULES. Only when I say they can go, he stays and supervises (they don't leave his sight once), and 1-2 hours maximum, never more often than once a month. I had to make these rules so extreme because she literally tried to push me out. Calling herself mommy, taking credit for my children as her own in public, sneaking off to get mommy-baby professional pictures done and posting to Facebook and sending photos to family & friends. Those are just a few examples. I could write a book on her.Basically, keep that woman an arms distance from your children always. Don't ever give her an inch. You never know what her true motives are. Good luck!

Good for you mama!!! Dont let crazies near your baby :)

My evil monster in law did the same to my baby.. (i was raped and i am strongly against abortion i thought about giving her up for adoption but when i saw her face when she was born i couldnt do it and after a few months i met my husband.. anyways)... Every time my husband forces me to visit them with him I'd let my 2 year old run around and I'd follow her but sometimes she'd run into her arms and when i look away for a second to look for my husband, my baby would instantly cry like crazy and I'd ask as nice as possible if she did anything to her and my MIL would just give me a dirty look and say that my baby is evil and hates people and when I'd check her cuz i felt like something didnt seem right i would find red marks around my baby's legs. I'd show them to my husband but he LOOOOVES his family so much that he ignores and doesnt believe that his mother could do that to my little girl <br />
but i knwo the truth and i really hope she gets a taste of her own medicine


Omg my mil is the same! she pinches my son and thinks its funny >.< and she's also "not all there"

Cut her off If there is any chance she would harm your baby. The first time my in law spanked my baby i went crazy! I seriously almost broke my mil hand! Dont let anyone around your children that you cant 100% trust no matter who they are! And most moms know there babys cry, your baby would cry a hurt cry if something wasnt hurting. DID YOU GO WITH HER WHEN SHE "CHANGED" the babys diaper to see if there was a red mark from the pinch?

Your husband doesn't even trust her, she doesn't need to see the babies, send pictures

if you need someone to talk to you can message me. My mother in law was physically and mentally abusive to my husband and his older sister and his younger brother. She did something horrid to her oldest daughter but her younger daughter didn't get abused cause she is mentally handicap. We have no kids but when we do there is no way in hell I would leave my kids with her. She is very bipolar,abusive,self centered, a pathological liar, and good at playing the victim to people who don't really know her. So i know what your going through.I wouldn't live my child around your mother in law either.

Oh my god! She sounds like my mil! Do not trust her with your baby! My son used to come home from her house crying and saying grandma pretended to be nice but was evil on the inside. She does very sneeky things and makes my skin crawl! I actually feel like I have been violated when I see her! My son no longer sees her and hates her. Do not leave her alone with you child. She all hurt him physically and mentally. Good luck. Xxxx.

Ding! My mother in law exactly! I hate her she is nuts and totally mental! She used to always say my daughter was hungry bc she wanted me to stop breast feeding so she could feed her! Kook! Needless to say she is no longer allowed to see my daughter period!!

im about to have a baby and I worry that my mother in law will try to be around when I breast feed or change diapers or even bathe her. I will flip out on her. I can't even stand the thought of her holding my baby at all. her hands shake and I dont want her to drop my baby.

Wow thats really harsh. I'm sorry for your situation. I wish there was something I could do to help.<br />
<br />
Cheers,<br />
Thomas<br />

omg .

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yes, your mil did something to that baby. I know that scream your talking about. I also have a handicapped mil who i hate with every breath i take. she had to move in with us cause she was kicked out of every where she lived cause ppl can't live with her. Now, she is leaving here, however, my husband and his brother want to wait til the first of dec, but i want her gone husband won't listen, but his brother kicked her out and took her to her sisters, wonder why my husband won't do the same. She creates lies about my family including her own sons. She takes all the food and hides it in her room then we have nothing and wonder where all the snacks went. We found them in her room. confronted her about it and she said i didn't take that food someone must have put it in here. please help

To the one that has the crazy MIL that speaks badly about you - my sister has the same issue. I don't thinks fair to put your daughter in that situaiton. My nephew feels very unconfortable. Its bad enough the MIL talks badly, she is in a pickle here. I dont think the MIL deserves to share time with your daughter if she puts her in that situation. My sister told her straight that she can't spend time with her son if this occurs. Period! You are the boss of your kids, not her!

I have two kids; 7 and 5. I have to admit, in the beginning she was a real *****. I told my husband to deal with it since I knew if it came from me, it wouldn't be pretty. Men just let things roll right off their chests, especially when it comes to mothers. I could write a book on how selfish my mother-in-law is. The fact is (at least with mine); <br />
<br />
1. She has been able to get away with this behavior all her life with no consequences.<br />
2. She always has to feel the center of attention and included or lashes out like a child<br />
3. I put her in her place no so long ago (about 3 years) and things have never been better.<br />
4. If I think of her as a child, usually if not always we don't have conflicts.<br />
<br />
She picked a bad time to start in on the opinions and advise (we were all sick in our house), I let her have it bad. We went through a period of rocky times from that point and worked out.<br />
<br />
Bottom line: avoiding the sitations makes it worse. Confrontation - although not fun - eventually gets you to a point where you don't want to kill her anymore. <br />
<br />
Let's all hope we don't turn our the same and our sons will back us up like that too!! RIGHT!

Having a crazy mother in law myself don't ever tell her you don't want her to see your child(ren) MIL's have a sneaky way of going behind you back in the courts and asking for visitation of your children and lawyers being lawyers becomes custody request to scare the hell out of you to assure visitation which you will never get out of. Trust me if it didn't hurt so bad I would write a book on my own experiences on this.

I have a similar situation with my MIL. The only thing is she verbally abuses my daughter. She tries to turn my daughter to hate me (she's 8 now) she tells my daughter she wants me dead and that she needs to find her daddy a new girl. My husband thinks there is nothing we can do to change his mother and just ignore her. I don't want my daughter to have to deal with that and think it's harmful to her as a child. I think it scares a child to hear someone saying those things. My daughter was alwasys telling me she didn't want me to die. At the time I never understood why. Now that I know all this I want to prevent my daughter from this and think she should have supervised visits and shouldn't be left alone. Also if she talks on the phone to have it on speaker so we know when it's time to go. I think as partents it's our job to protect our children if we can. Mu husband thinks my daughter needs to speak up to her and that is how we should handle this. This has been on and on with my MIL for 12 years and now i'm really tired. He just won't speak up to her and she'll deny every word if he did...anyone with advice or suggestions?

You story is similar to mine. My 3 year old daughter has told me that she doesn't want to spend time with my MIL because she hits her with a spoon and something scares her at my MIL's house. I have to trust my instincts. My MIL blames me for my daughter's actions. We as mothers cannot deny that gut feeling we get when it comes to our children.

I would trust my instincts if I was you. Five years my disgusting MIL almost suffocated our daughter. She had the newborn rolled into a little ball with her face pushed into her (MIL)'s hairy jumper. She was rocking back and forth manically telling some old story and not taking any notice of the baby. My husband was sitting near her. I walked into the room and grabbed the baby out of her arms. The little one gasped for air. Her face was creased where she had been pushed into MIL's chest. I was horrified. I should have torn MIL's head off there and then. Husband later admitted he had thought something had been wrong with the way MUTHA dear was holding the infant, but because it was his first child (my fourth) he did not say anything. Since that day I have not trusted the HAG of a woman and she has proven herself to be the evil menace I suspected in many other ways.


I believe in trusting your instincts especially a mother's instinct about her own child. You may be on to something there about your mother in law. Has your husband ever said whether or not she was abusive during his childhood?