Mil From H-e- Double Hockey sticks.

here is the shortest breakdown humanly possible with out me having to go buy some eggs and pull an easter drive by to make myself feel better... lol

mil, controlling, manipulative, evil, knifing, sinister, contradicting, condescending, wretched woman.

the worst thing in my mind she did was tell me that i was supposed to only have boys when i had children. when they told us the sex of our first child was a girl, she was livid. she told me that i wasn't supposed to have girls.

i told her that wasn't my job to decide and that the ***** that fertilized my egg was the deciding factor and to basically **** off.

so for the baby shower, when the sex was 95% confirmed, she bought all little boy's clothing for the baby. and when i say that, i'm not talking about race cars- my daughter can wear clothes with those on them, i don't care, but i am talking about clothing that distinctly said "daddy's little BOY." and clothing that said "BOYs are a gift from heaven above".

that's horrible, and only the TIP of the iceberg.!

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My MIL calls my unborn child her "grandson"... Just had the first ultrasound the other day annnnnnd pretty sure it's a girl. HAHA

You forgot ignorant, incompetent jackass! With my mil I like yo add uneducated, dufus moron.

Awww honey, I hope that she doesnt take that on the child growing up. My MIL does that for not only is my son a boy (she only likes girls) but he is 1/2 me... even worse. <br />
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I didnt hear any mention of your husbands reaction... I hope he is supportive of you and will have a talk with his mom! <br />
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Also what a gift for writing you have! You should be a writer!

Ugh why do mother in laws have to be so crazy?!

That lady is so shallow. I hate woman who think boys are better, it's like duh, your a girl, and so what your *****'s all big and loose, so you you think you were a boy you have a big winner? So just know she's mad cause you can park a suv in her tang.

I think mine is related to yours too, hopefully yours doesnt call you your husband's ex name, lies about you to your husband and treat you like crap like mine does!

This is crazy ! I can see my mother in law doing somthing like this to me at my baby shower.

WOW! The spawn of SATAN herself! That is horrible!

i'm not sure- i have not let her around my family for the last few years, as she does not treat anyone in my family with respect. that is not the type of person i want in my children's lives, so we have not seen/ talked to her. she is not allowed around the kids, or allowed in the house. we don't accept her phone calls either. this is harsh, but also the only answer after all that she has done to my family.

it appears to be working, harsh but you had no option

Wow thats really harsh. I'm sorry for your situation. I wish there was something I could do to help.<br />
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Cheers,<br />
Thomas<br />

Yikes, C-R-A-Z-Y!

wow do they all have a little club get together and discuss how to make our lives miserable?? bcuz if so how do we impeach their president? why do they hate us sooo?

she sounds like an idiot!

What a bunch of looney tunes!

What a bunch of looney tunes!

OMG, WTF! her son is the one determining the sex of the child so she should get off your back, if anything she should just be thankful that you gave her beautiful grand children!<br />
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My friend married a much much older man who got a divorce because his ex 'couldn't have kids', when they found out the sex of the baby was a girl, her MIL told her to 'next time have a boy' because her and her daughter would be 'disowned' from the family inheritance (meaning she would make her son get divorced again). when the baby was born, not even an congratulations phone call.

I would tell her as I told my husband and brother in law - that my daughter was not a 2nd class citizen and I would not tolerate her being treated as one. If any gifts come into the house - they are to be addressed to both children and I will decide the outcome of them. This woman needs some rules and training. Remember that saying - "we train people how we want to be treated" - it's necessary sometimes.

i actually did that, she had bought them at a store next to my house i recognized the brand of and i totally went there and got the cutest little girls stuff i could find. <br />
what sucks now is that my daughter is 4 and my son is 2, now that my son understands presents- she has this thing of buying him tons of crap and my daughter very little for the holidays. what is even worse than that still is that she makes a point to put my son's name on everything, so my daughter feels less important. who invented monograming for children's toys anyways? <br />
i told her last christmas to cut it out or we wouldn't be over there anymore. we'll see how that works come dec....

Wow! The woman in outta her tree! I think I would have tried to find the store she bought the clothes at and I'd have gone and exchanged them! That would have been fun to me and would have showed her who is in control of this situation. I was lucky to have great mothers in law! All three of them.

thanks for the support all, maybe someday my MIL will get a clue, then hopefully she will clue in all the other MIL's that seem to have sprung up from the very deapths of hell... :)

what a *****! i'm sorry that you have to deal with someone who is soo ignorant. i am so glad that you told her that it is her son that determines the sex of the child (but she should have known that anyway). in any case, congrats on your baby! you should soo buy her an outfit that says "daddy's little girl" and she can wear it when her grandma visits! ;-)

possibly... does she have two huge horns sticking out of her head??

Don't forget the tail coming out of her butt!

She's crazy....crazy I say! Is she related to my MIL?