Do You Guys Think This Is Considered Selfish?

My husband, my son and I are currently living in the house my in laws bought for us. It has 4 rooms ( our master bed room, my sisters I
Laws room, my in laws room and a guest room which is currently my sons play room). My in law hardly ever come stay over with us as they only live about 15 minutes away.

Recently my mum is visiting from overseas. So we have to clean up my sons current play room so my mum can sleep there. And so now we have to find a new space for him to play in. Which is a lot of rearranging and fuss.

My in law never said a word about Letting my mum to stay in their room. But before when I was pregnant my in laws were happy to offer their room so my mum can sleep there since its more comfortable, even though the guest bed room was empty.

I dunno, is it me that Is asking too much from them or is it normal that my in laws act this way ??
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1 Response Apr 29, 2012

I think they're being very inhospitable to even let you think of using your son's room as a guest room. Perhaps you could get your husband to have a chat to them? Good and hugs xxx