At The End Of My Rope.

I have been married a little over a year, to the most wonderful man I have ever met. I am a medically retired combat veteran. I only tell you this because it is important to the story. My husband and I moved back to his home state to attend college using our GI bill and it has been a living nightmare from the second we stepped into the state all the way to present and shows no signs of slowing. A constant stream of comments have ensued both publicly and privately, verbally as well as in print since. She degrads me over and over making comments that include but are not limited to openly mocking my body, my family, my clothing, and my disability. I have tried to have sit down after sit down requesting that she keep her comments to herself to no avail. She denies the comments even after they are heard by others only moments earlier. The family backs her up over and over again stating that "she doesnt mean it like that" and that " I am too sensitive". On numerous occasions she has claimed that I fake my disability even after I have presented my medical records as proof, everytime I try to defend myself she states that my PTSD is obviously out of control and is causing paranoia. I have been able by the grace of God alone to keep my composure and temper, I know she would love for me to become angry and start yelling so as to prove I am unstable.

I dont know what to do anymore, I cry myself to sleep every night. I am 6'1 woman who currently weighs 180lbs, I know somewhere in my head that I am not overweight but unfortunately she is starting to convince me. Any advice would be appreciated, I love my husband and dont want to lose him. But even as happy with him as I am I find myself having fantasies about running away. What should I do?
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UPDATE: My husband went over to his Mother's house to talk out the issues and set some boundaries. I didnt go well, but he stood his ground. Of course I dont want her thrown out of our lives, I just need her to show me the same human respect we should all be treated with. We havent heard from her since,we will be at the big family Mother's Day lunch and I am pretty nervous but once again hoping for the best. Thank you so much for the comments and support, I will post later how the next event goes.

Talk to your husband about it. Don't let him make excuses for her. You deserve more respect than that, and if she isn't going to treat you like a civilized human being, than she doesn't deserve to be a part of your life. If your husband doesn't see it that way, then there's something wrong with him too. D:

He really needs to take your feelings into consideration. As a retired combat vertern, I am sure you do not need the stress of your mother-in-law. Maybe the GI bill could pay for a dorm room if he does not want to move you to a more stable, supportive environment. I wish you the best during your recovery!