Have I Got A Nasty Mil For You! I Think Mine Tops The List Ladies!

Wow ok... where do I even begin!
I married my husband last year. When his mother found out about the pending marriage she swore to kill herself, ruin my wedding by storming in and acting like a nut(not a strech for her) and begged all of her family not to attend. No one of course listened to her and so she started to cut off all her family like a 3 year old child throwing a fit. Before I was married to her son, I had to rush into the ER for a minor car accident. She found out that my husband had come to the hospital to see how I was doing, and she came storming into my hospital room and tried to stab my pregnant belly with a pen. this women by the way believes she is an agent of God. Yep, this witch actually attends church on a regular basis and does not burst into flames(surprising...) Anyways, she has tried so so so many times to create arguments between myself and my husband and wants us to divorce. She molested my husband as a child, beat him, forced him to feed her pills and make her food. She is on 4 different types of anti-pychotic medications and still acts like a complete psycho. My husband and I split up about a month ago, mainly because the abuse which he suffered as a child by her hands caused him to grow up into an abusive person himself. She could not have been happier, and the very second she heard that we were calling it quits jumped in her car and rushed to pick him up. She has come to my home in the middle of the night screaming and I have had to have police remove her at least 4 times in the past year alone. I would NEVER let her near my kids, but that never stopped her from promising to kill herself and my babies if she was not allowed to see/hold them. I kinda hoped she would of just knocked herself off but alas it was another lie. So now a year and a half later, I am in the middle of a divorce, I have two kids under the age of two, and baby due in a week, and a husband who is now trying to say he wont give me any money to help raise the kids he helped create. His mother has called CPS on me and made false reports 3 times, she thinking that if the state takes them then her son is off the hook. However im an excellent mother and that would never happen. She broke into my car a week ago and stole bank statements and has now screwed up my bank account and I cant get any money out to even buy diapers. She went to my moms home two states away from my home and shoved my mother in the chest when my mom told her to get off her doorstep and never come back. I WISH there was some way to get that disgusting woman back for all the pain and suffering she has caused. But thats not going to happen, so I will let God deal with her- she cant escape that!
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My heart goes out to you - the woman is a nightmare, and tragically passed her behaviours to her child. Sounds like your husband never stood a chance of normality with her as a mom. She sounds like she needs to be sectioned! Good luck with your children - and your new baby...you deserve it! I font know how you've coped with the stress! I hope you find happiness - and safety from her. Love and hugs xxx

Wow. Sucksville.