Birthday Disappointment

First, I would like to clarify my future mother in is not my favorite person in the world. I wouldn't say I hate her I strongly dislike the way she is! My most recent experience with her is as follows....
I am engaged to her son and we have a beautiful little girl together. Her birthday was this past weekend and as always MY family arranged a birthday party for her. Btw, my family is always celebrating holidays, birthdays, etc. His family is a bit different, they celebrate but act like it us a big inconvenience. So this year I decided Forget it, if they want to see her and have a celebration they can come to us about, and my fiancé was 100% on board with this idea. So her birthday tools around and his parents decided to call the morning of around 11:00 and my fiancé works nights thus week so he was sleeping. Myself and our daughter decided to go to my parents so that he could sleep in peace. Anyway, they call his phone and he does not answer, they don't even try to reach me on my cell phone they just drop her gift off at the front door. Excuse me!!!! I can't be you honestly just dropped the gift at the door, do you not want to watch her open? Do you not want to wish her a happy birthday?? I found this incredibly rude and unkind. Then to top it off my mil calls after my likely one has already gone to bed later that night and leaves me a voice mail saying I just called to talk to the birthday girl but I guess she is pry sleeping, tell her happy birthday and sorry I missed her. Luckily my daughter is only three and does not realize this behavior is wrong. I am completely distrot about this and want to let her know I am hurt by this, but if I do I will be portrayed as the bad guy. Am I overreacting or is mil a total *****???
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This is all you have to complain about? They made sure she got her present on her birthday and let your husband sleep. One party is enough for a itty bitty one but you could always take pictures of her opening it for them. If you think they would care that is. I'm dealing with a MIL who cares little for her genius son and worships his pampered sister. 16 years of college, anyone? Our 2 kids are forgotten now that their cousin is born. I just don't get it.

My MIL buys lovely gifts for her other grandchildren but has to be reminded every year to get something for my daughter! I think it's because she's adopted. This year she decided to invite people to the house for a birthday party when she knows we're broke. I minimise time with them for her to be less affected. I hope you sort this out and learn to ignore their stupidity they are so Not worth getting upset about. Love and hugs xxx

That sounds like my inlaws, only they don't even bring my kids birthday gifts. My kids are old enough to know that they are treated differently than the other grandkids but thankfully have a very close relationship with my parents. I have fostered the relationship the kids have with my parents and while I am sorry they don't have the same joy with my husband's parents, it is their loss. My kids manage fine without them. I am the one struggling with bitterness of the lack of a relationship and how it hurts my husband