Might As Well Call Her Family

My boyfriend and I aren't married but I might as well call his mom my mother in law. We have a baby together so no matter what I will know her for the rest of my life. Yippee... She was really nice at first and inviting but as time has passed she has grown a little bitter toward me. My boyfriend and I have our problems which are serious at times but we are young. Just the other day I called her to ask if I could speak to John ( boyfriend) and she told me he was in the shower. I said oh ok thank you though and as I was saying bye she just hung up on me which is rude cuz she didn't even say anything after telling me he was in the shower not to mention her tone is always how do you say... bitchy. I try to be nice to her but I can't help but not like her and talk **** about her to my boyfriend. I know it strikes his core so maybe that's why I say all the messed up stuff. She always expects me to bring my daughter over to her house even though I don't have a car. She doesn't get out of the house, she has her children run her errands for her. She doesn't have a job and just mooches off her baby daddy. She even has him buy her weed, can I even say that on here? Lol. I mean she couldn't even come to my baby shower! But honestly I don't really have respect for people who just take from the government and other people and who don't have jobs or do anything for themselves when they are completely capable. I mean if you're disabled or have an illness that's understandable but I just don't think they should be taking from people who could really use the help. Sorry for my rant but does anyone else have this problem or am I the only one?? Am I crazy or do I have good reason to hate her?
jackibear jackibear
18-21, F
May 12, 2012