What Do You Think I Should Do?

My mother in law did it again and again and again.
Today is mother’s day. She invited my daughter and my husband, but not me.

I told my husband are you going to make barbecue for you and me since our daughter is invited to grandma.

My husband answered me that I should eat left over since he is eating with our daughter at his mom.

My mother in law the ***** was yesterday in my house. She comes every single day with my husband in the evening. I don’t know why she behaves this way.

I don’t know what to do?
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4 Responses May 13, 2012

Time for hubby to grow up and cut the apron strings. Fathers day and mothers day are about immediate family first. Father, Mother, Daughter. She is out of this primary loop, and cutting you out is unconsionable.

He has nothing to do with logic, or maybe I was trying to ignore the sign. Anyway we are divorcing now & he is so happy to be with his mom.

Thanks for reading

I think it is time to stand up and be the head of your house.You need to talk to your husband and let him know you are not be treated like a wife should be treated.It really comes down to him and whether he decides to listen to you or not.<br />
Do not continue to allow her to treat you that way,it is wrong.BTW I am sorry for what you put up with.Hang in there.

Thanks for the advice. We are going through divorce now. He doesn't want to hear anything, or get marriage counseling, for anger management.

then you are better off.You will feel a huge weight off your shoulders once it is done and then I hope you explain to your daughter what kind of evil grand mother she has.Thanks for sharing.Very sorry for the pain you are going through.


You need to point out it was YOUR mothers day too! If he can't see sense you need to consider marriage counselling! He SHOULDN'T have told you to EAT LEFT OVERS- that's grounds for divorce in my book! Love and hugs, xxx

After two hours my husband became calm, so I told him what he said was very rude and unkind ( stay alone and eat left over) he looked shocked. any way I went to my mother in law I pretend nothing happened and I brought her a gift. I didn't want her to have great victory creating trouble between my husband and me; however, the damage is done.

By the way I treat her kindly. I welcome her I serve her fruit and coffee.<br />
I’m kind to her, but she hates me.

She clearly feels threatened by you. She probably feels you "stole" her man. Something seriously wrong there. Its a shame she trapped him in her own mess, but as an adult he ultimately has to take responsibility for his actions.

You are absolutely right. anyway now we are divorcing &amp; he is living with his mom.