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I was sitting in church at my son's first communion, next to him, my wife, and our immediate family. my siblings, her dad, step mom, and my dad. all stuffed into our little pew. (we go to a very small church, both figuratively and literally). OK so we get up for the eating of the bread part and as I'm letting everyone out of the pew, along comes the subject person and off she goes with her two kids to get the bread. everyone comes back and what the F&*^K but there she is now stuffed in the FAMILY pew with her two kids and my 74 year old father has to stand on the outside of the isle with my brother. WTF! she isn't even in our Family. Now I wouldn't mind so much if there was extra room but to take the place of my FATHER at HIS grandson's first communion? I freaking hate that woman, and I know I don't really HATE her, but WTF is she thinking.... I think from now on when anyone tells my son to call her aunt "S" I will correct them and say "she's not really his aunt, in fact they are not related"... that or stick a fork in her eye...
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What she did was dreadful and should not have happened. She was very rude. I am so sorry that this happened to your father at his age. At the end of the day she's going to be the loser, as I'm sure lots of people saw what happened. Good luck with her! Hugs from me' to you and your Dad!

I know a few who said something to me but i'm not sure if anyone said something to her. And I don't want to start anything, it's not worth it. I did ask my step-mother-in-law and she said my father wanted to get some air which kind of contradicts what he said... I think she was just trying to keep the peace.

Wow I guess it wasn't her first infraction!

No it wasn't her first. She does stupid things like when my son was a baby the first time she met him and heard him cry she was telling me why he was crying. Now that just makes me think she's a moron, but making my father stand at a church show's how rude she can be.

Wow hot temper, se