To Talk To Her Or Not!!!


Just looking for some advice. My boyfriend and I have been together
6 months and we also dated a year and a half ago for 5 months. His mother is very controlling of many things. My boyfriend is 23 and during the week she wants him home by 11pm and or me gone. We are following this rule. I also know through him she has said some very nasty things about me. Most of this happens whenever she feels like she is losing control. For the last week things have been great between her and I. And I was planning to sit down with her and clear the air so we stop putting my bf her son in the middle and now with how things have been this past week I'm torn. What do you guys think.
sarahstannard sarahstannard
1 Response May 15, 2012

Be very careful - you need to let her keep feeling in control. Flatter her and tell her what a great mom you think she is. I wouldn't confront her about things..unless she forces an issue. Slowly slowly catchee monkey. Do think however if you want this level of conflict in your life. Be careful before you join her family as when you have kids it will cause trouble if you don't run your own life.