My Mil Is The Most Religious & Judgmental Person I've Ever Met

My MIL and I have gotten along great until my daughter was about 5 months (now she is 15 months). She is so judgmental and I've never EVER been able to feel like I can be myself around her out of fear of her judging me. She is so passively aggressive and I feel is trying to steal my daughter away from me. When theres a conversation it's only her talking and me listening and the other day as I was trying to get a word in she yelled at me!!! She said "the problem is you never listen!" What BS!! I'm constantly listening to her and she never lets me get a chance to get a word in! And she is extremely religious (catholic). She acts like she is a saint and judges people so much. I'm always afraid that she is going to judge me.

She bought me some beautiful flowers and I cut some of them and texted her a picture of it. She is extreeeemley environmental friendly so she texted me back saying "Beautiful. Did they all fall off" THis is her passively aggressiveness really trying to say something like "You killed the beautiful flowers." I finally texted her the perfect thing to say which was "No. I cut them all off. I'm sorry I shouldn't have sent you that picture because I know how much that stuff bothers you but just know that your environmental friendly ways are working because I let a bug free from almost drowning in the pool." This is just one example of a million of the ways she is. She thinks her way is THE WAY and everybody else should do as she does.

I feel I have made the mistake of having my daughter spend too much time over with her because she acts like she knows how to care for my daughter more than I do and as a mom, that hurts. She is great with my daughter and that's why this is so hard. I know this might be an irrational thought but i feel like she is going to steal my daughter away from me. I don't stand up for myself because I try to be as polite as I can be with her.
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Restrict time with child for her, unless you want her indoctrinated by your MIL. <br />
Stand up for yourself more especially regarding your daughter. <br />
You must not let this woman bully you. Good luck - xxx