In Law Troubles Newbie To This

well me and my husband recently moved but before his mom came back from alabama and even when she saw me she never took the time to talk to me i tried but im not one to chase and i dont like being ignored i did however talk to his sis alot but got betrayed by her and she completely critizes me for supposedly being manipulative , anyhow ever sincee we moved basically with little money to our name not once has she asked how i was doing or how he was doing let alone ask if she could help with anything, now i come from a family or at least thought family was suppose to be there to support eachother and try to help out any way they can or with the little they have well she hasnt asked if we needed anything or if we were ok not that i care but its a gesture that would mean a lot now im expecting and she still has the nerve to just say things to him " family first" and i want to know how you are" or my fav " one day i will see if shes worth it" ...... my husband isnt one to tel his mom things str8 up and it agrivates me now he wants to send her a gift .... u rlly think she deserves it after being the way she is ... am i wrong i know i should be the one calling her but if u dint talk to me when i was infront why should i try now advice please.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

You are in the right. Stand up for yourself and your child. Don't let her rule your life. Love and hugs xxx