***** I Hate Her .....

She has created a hell in my life ...
I hate her to the core...
She came to my house and she didn't help me at all..
I was sick and had high fever and so was my baby.
My husband had left town and gone for work.
She didn't even offer me a glass of water..
She was so mean I would sleep , pack as we were moving and she didn't
Even offer help.
She treated me like ****
And now that she has gone my husband is misbehaving with me.
He doesnt hug me or say love u or does anything sweet to me.
I feel that my relation is gone bad.
I did so much for my husband bday And when his turn came
He did nothing bco of her .
He has just changed I hate her .
Am crying now and it doesn't help.
It's been so bAd
Priyamshah Priyamshah
1 Response May 23, 2012

Pls tell me wht to do