" I Hate My Mother In Law"  this women needs to be sent to a mental health place. Not only is she contibuting to my failing marrige, it's not her first time doing so. Oh and i just discovered i married a momma's boy, because god forbid she does any wrong. Just seeing her number on my caller id turns my eyes red. Which by the way is every freakin day. And the best part is she lives 15 min away! The only way im getting rid of this freak is if i move or get divorsed and now im not sure which is gonna come first

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same here I feel the same way

Hey, if your husband won't stand up to her. You've got to stand up for yourself. Set some clear boundaries for your own mental sanity. Don't stand in the way of her relationship with her son, but ask him to keep it and her away from you. And find someone else to talk to about how much she irritates you because talking to your husband about it will countinue to tear at your marriage and that's probably what she want. Be a as loving as you can toward your hubby but keep away from the in laws.

Wow thats really harsh. I'm sorry for your situation. I wish there was something I could do to help.<br />
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Oh hell! She sounds like nails on a chalk board....yuk,too bad ur man still attached to apron strings,thats sux,he needs to be supportive to you not mommy. Hang in there.

heyy . . i JUST GOT MARRIED A MONTH AGO AND i KNW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL ...i AM NOT ONLY MARRIED TO A MOMMA'S BOY BUt THE DARLING MOM STAYS WITH US IN THE SAME HOUSE .. SHE HAS AN OPINION ABOUT EVERYTHING .. how my hair wud look so that he likes it ..how I shd tak to him . .plus he keeps kissing her .. huh!! .. she actually knocked my door at 6 am to cuddle chat with us 3 days after my wedding.... .talk about crazy . . THEY SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE ..N MOM IS ALWAYS RIGHT . ... I THINK I HATE THEM BOTH NOW . ...N HE THINKS IM JEALOUS OF HER ... .Iam goin MAD in that house .....

You poor thing, I used to go through this and it honestly ruined my day when I would see her number come upon the caller id. It was bad! Just try to bear with it, and maybe your man will see the light, it took awhile for mine:)

Hey your husband is married to YOU. when you got married, you became his number one priority in life. His mother is a grown woman, and can take care of herself. His mother is going to have to get put in her place. This is YOUR marraige--not hers. You are too busy to talk to her everyday--just let it go to voicemail. You chose your husband, but you did not choose your mother in law. Just work on keeping your marital life---and life private. Your life is no business of your MIL. In addition, the only person that your husband should confide in is YOU. I hope this gets better. Just have courage chicky! Be bold and establish yourselves as an dadult, mature husband and wife--not son and daughter in law. Kindly remind the MIL that you have your own lives to attend to, and that she needs to get a hobby and live her own life. Good luck!!!!!