Mother In Law From Hell!

My mother in law is from hell, she has  character - when I first moved with my husband - she supervised me - when I was cooking for my husband & I. Then she complained we were eating to late during the evening, then she sat with us @ the table - she help herself to our dinner - then my mother in law stated loud - my cooking tastes good - but hers tastes better. My mother in law loves to gossip about people she knows and she loves to prayer & goes to church. Oh boy she loves to people put people down from all walks of life. Few times she timed me when I take a shower and tellings me to get out because I am using to much hot water. It drove me crazy because I am not use of that type of behavior directed towards me. Sometimes, I wonder if I did marry a moma's boy because she did that to my husband's first wife as well. Sometimes, I think she came from hell the way she behaves towards me & sometimes towards my husband!
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My mother in law is the worst. She never calls or stops by but then says she misses us? My sister in law (her daughter)is a heroin addict and left her daughter here all summer. Well my sisterinlaw stole money from us so I called children services and my mother in law started attacking me saying I am a bad mother and my niece shouldn't be here. Said I brainwashed her into staying here. So she comes to my house with her pothead boyfriend and makes cops force my crying neice out of my house in front of my 3 children.

I too have a mother in law who can't seem to get on with me. I have been with my husband 10 years and we married 6 years ago, and still no change for me. Her other
Son aged40 married her best friend who was 60 at the time. Both my life hard,
As hubby defends his mother and she defends 65 year old daughter in law. Had a fall out on
Sunday with my mother in law, and it's the 1st major fall out. Hubby did not stand by me but wanted me out of the house.

What was the reason for the fall out? Due to the fall out with your MIL your husband asked to leave the house?

If your husband isn't going to back you up and worse, force you out of your own home...well, for me there would be nothing left to say. He made a choice and you weren't it. I would pack my bags once and forever. But, I am not all people and perhaps you can find away past this. It would mean, for me, my husband growing a pair and supporting me and never again asking me to leave, no matter the problem. The fact is he's not sleeping with his mother or his sister in law.

I currently live with my MIL whom is a fat lazy slob. She eats nothing but junk food, but eats all my food. Let me explain, i'm six months pregnant and am on a very healthy strict diet. but my MIL eats EVERYTHING I buy! If my husband makes us dinner(me and him) she whines that shes hungry and we end up feeding her too! Shes a grown woman that cna't even keep her own house clean and she literally STINKS.

Sounds a lot like mine. Holy ****. Mine smells like she bathed in liquor because she's an alcoholic who doesn't shower for weeks on end. She lives with us. Only difference between her and yours is that she's not fat. She only eats candy and junk. When she does eat, that is. She eats at weird hours. And she'll eat the food you buy. I walked in to her literally dumping cottage cheese down her throat. The house is only clean because my partner and I are pretty vigilant. I know you wrote this a couple years ago but I really hope you got out of there.


My husband is italian and im not. I came to stay in Italy with him. In the house wehere we stay in the bottom floor lives his mama. His mother is really manupulative. My husbands brother is the mamas boy and her hero,because he is very nice and listens to her every whim-but this is because he doesnt work and depends on his wife who slogs 9-5 six days a week to bring in the dough. My husband takes several part time jobs during the week, as unemployment is big in Italy. He respects his mother and tries to do the best to help her when ever its possible-however my husband is the one considerd the uncaring son by her. All this and more because he married me and im not a Catholic Italian and cant speak the language probaly. From the day i met her i bent over backwards to please this woman and i treated her like my own mother-but she really is so selfish, cold, and manipulating and has this way of making you feel giulty when she dont get her way for somthing. My husband and i are staying in a house that was biult by her husband, that is joined to her house and my husbands brother, so you can imagine what its like. Every move or wherever we go, we have to explain where we went. If we go a little further out of the town we stay, she gets pulled up, because she feels we dont have enough money to nbe travelling so far-she expects us to sit in one town for the rest of our lives and feel misreable without any joy-some catholic conditioning. My husband and i are not Catholic and thank God. Since her husband died, my husband stayed with her, did everything her until now that he married me, she cant stand it. I dont even think she cared if my husband got married or not-as long as he was there to see to her needs for the rest of his life. Italian mamas really need to wake up and stop being so selfish. I dont speak for all italian mamas but in general all mamas. They cant expect to be head of the family and control things for the rest of their lives. Its a very stupid form of attatchment. Attatchment is not love, its a selfish form of ego. As a result italian men are like mamas boys and have no back bone.The italian goverment is so corrupted that only the old people recieve pension and the are so few jobs for the younger generation-this is also one cause that allows the older generation to manipulate and control their children. I respect older people and even my mother -in-law, but family and blood attatchment and selfishness is unhealthy and suffocating to my marriage.',

I too have a mother in law from hell it seems.

She hasnt had a relationship with my children (I bared) however she raised my husband's other children with their mother's (ex-wife & baby momma) over the tears she'd call him on the progress of his other children & to my knowledge showed no concern for the children under our roof.

She has changed my address while I was still living there so I couldn't get certain mail. I literally moved from New Jersey to Virginia for the most part to get away from her. In which did not work at all. She would have what she wanted at all & any cost. Her son doing what she wants him to do. Not be with me & do everything possible to hurt her until she just leaves. They are very surprised that I'm still around ( my mil & her side of the family ).

I also feel my mil stole my step children's lives from me along with my husband. My husband acts like a baby around his mother in my opinion. If we as adults, the people that brought the children in this world were allowed to raise them as parents with out interference, things may have been different.

She sent messages to the ex-wife telling her she loves them both & hopes they work things out. Her daughter was a teenager when we got together & now as an adult has disrespected me to no end & my husband has not & in my opinion will not ever defend me. She told me that none of them consider me family, called me all types of names along with her mother (my mil). She said in an email to me "F" my kids........nothing from my husband. He continues to communicate with them, tell our kids & I about them & all they do with no regard for how our kids feel & they esp, do not care or have any concern for me.

Our eldest daughter has watched us pay child support to the other children, when it was things the kids under our roof couldn't have due to the funds they were getting. My mil would let us know that my children would not be on her family tree, pets she'd buy the other kids she'd rub in our kids faces & basically never reached out to our children due to her dislike for me.

I have decided that God will not put me through anything I can not handle. I do not ( kinda refuse) to allow myself to fall into a depression due to people that never liked nor have any concern for me nor my children. Although this has hurt me so bad!! I was wow'd when I saw that other women have under gone depression due to their mil's, so I felt I needed to comment & share.

I do feel at this point they have won. I am tired of fighting for my husband. I feel if someone or something is mine I should not have to fight for them. They should just want me, love me & have ginuwine concern for me.

It is 2012 & my mother & my husband's mother have never meet & we were married in 1997. We have been together since 1997.

So to any women going through severe difficulties with there mil. You are not alone. God doesn't give us anything we can not matter the level of pain we experience through our mother-in-laws.

As you mentioned her behavior was the same for your husbands first wife as well... Maybe you should talk with your husband and encourage him to talk with his mother... Second I would lay out some separation of space that will aid in some of the issues... she shouldnt be standing at the door... as you are showering!

My husband and I live in a different state than my MIL. We met at college and married after graduation. We have 2 kids and a wonderful life together! We have been married for 21 years! Throughout our marriage my mother in law has tried to get him to leave me and his family to move back to his home town. She wants him to leave us, abandon his life & career here to come back and mow her lawn, visit relatives with her and go to church. She got a realtor to look for homes in her town for my husband to buy and move into. She sends him flyers & pictures of the homes in her area. She tells him what sort of a house he should live in and buy when he gets home. she sends card to him monthly begging him to come home to her and tells him she prays all the time that he will come home to her. He visits her fairly often, and goes to see her alone because when me and the kids come she insists we stay at a hotel. That gets expensive. It's expensive for all of us to fly there which is another reason he goes there alone most of the time. She has never offered to help him pay for a plane ticket to visit her and she is filthy wealthy. We have money but not a lot of disposable cash to spend on frequent plane trips from us. He visits her 2 tor 3 times a year for 2 weeks at a time, he uses up his vacation visiting her. It's never enough. Also, she expects expensive gifts for any and all holidays! She rarely sends me and the kids a decent Christmas gift. She sends us old old smelly things from carport sales. I love carport sales but the things she chooses to buy me are disgusting, for instance she sent me a used crusty set of self improvement tapes re: How to light his fire...

Hi I have get a mother in law from hell she goes be hide my back and makes family dinner I said I can't do but she will phone my bf and say I said I would love to go lying cow. I have a little boy now and she will come in my house and tell me what to do I say no he my son but she will still go on about u do it she way she come when like to my house even if I have get my family or friend around I told her not to to phone if she would like to cone around she comes 3 time a week so I told my bf that no one comes unless it's been 2 weeks she we are see she 1 evey 2 weeks he she ok to me but then when his mum still come around he not say any thing to her it is **** me off and putting me down cuz he is with me we have are own family now but he will all ways take his mother side over mine we have been talking about married I keep on saying in 2 or 3 years time but I don't think I could just marry him cuz I will be marrying his mother to help me please I don't no what to do I would like her to die help me please x

i have the mother in law from hell i have been married for 20 years and lived with it the entire time she is now 80 she hides her stuff cause she thinks i steal it and then she forgets where she puts things and then says that i stole it <br />
i think she has dementia i cant stand it as i have been so patient for 20 years i have now had enough i want the stupid ***** out of my life can any one tell me what to do<br />

If she has dementia it might be time for her son to start looking for a nursing home for his mother. You can certainly not be a caregiver to her because of her intense dislike for you.

wow so i'm not alone in this crazy crazy pineapple upside down cake!!!!!

My MIL and SIL, are never seperated and If we invite his parents for dinner she comes out with her husband and baby. My husband and i got engaged then his sister did a week after us, then decided to marry before us then 2 years later i fell pregnant and she was a few months behind us. It seems like she can't handle her parents giving me any kind of attention without her. <br />
His Mum is always being a smart *** and judging me for going back to work full time and thinks i should be a stay at home mum. <br />
I breast fed for 8 months and at 6 months the MIL is telling me, she gave up at 6 months and that i don't need to keep doing it, in my head i wanted to do it for at least 12 months. <br />
I got a sinus infection, and my baby weined herself off me, so weather my milk tasted funny i'm not sure, but it all feels like a competition with the SIL as she said she was planning on giving up at 7months and is still going which i think is great but why nag me!! <br />
My SIL also works in childcare so i always feel like i'm being judged and whatever she says his mum thinks is gospal. I don't need this crap in my life i wish they would back off!

I have almost the same situation. She wanted us to live together with her,but I said to my husband, that if he wants he can do this but without me. My MIL is nok kind of MIL from our dreams, she is definetly from hell, everythng what we do is wrong, especially me, because she hates me because of my nation, she keeps saying that I;m asian ***** [hate this woman]!!! So, I just wanna say you, that you have my support!

wow reading this makes me feel better to know I am not the only one with a MIL from hell.....

Wow thats really harsh. I'm sorry for your situation. I wish there was something I could do to help.<br />
<br />
Cheers,<br />
Thomas<br />

well mil got a copy of a pre-nup from her best and asked us right in place of work if we had worked out plans for it. i just thought was really tacky and i told him so i had my job for 15 years i didn't<br />
much money after going through a very expensive divorcee but i had managed to save 3800 in two yrs<br />
also, my husband brother was still living with him there was no mention of a pre-nup about two weeks before we married. also is brother would call from his mothers house and scream as <br />
loud as he could is that god damn still there and claimed he was looking for houses like your <br />
house at 135,000 and he would offer you 85,000 which i feel like an insult offer well this offer<br />
was not accepted next he made an offer in richmond on a house but made the offer on Mon <br />
and told them that they out the day after Christmas.<br />
<br />
Now we have to beautiful little boys their grandfather doesn't like for them at their house because<br />
they might get near their old car I was bad sick on weekend my husband was working i told<br />
him he was going have to come home, So he called and asked father if they would get so<br />
i take my migrane and phingeran. his reply I don't god damn grandkids in my god damn car.

my mil turned her back on her son bc he married me and we have a little boy that has been a blessing for us. To bad she took her other's son and ******** us from their life. I did nothing but respected her and treated her like a queen. Well I wash my hands off on all of those evil people . I just want my Husband and I have a normal life rasing my child in love. That's all we have now is each other to lean on to.

My mother in law is the devil and she gave birth to satan. after 10 years of marriage, im starting to realize that I've been in hell all these years. and lets not forget the rest of her demon children. theres 10 of them. My husband has been treating me like **** lately because of his mother. Shes manipulating and evil. .im so tired of this crap, They need to go back to HELL........

No one has a mother in law from hell except me. My wedding is in two weeks and my fiances sister wont move out of our house, EVEN THOUGH my in laws have a empty house near by. We let my sister in law n her husband stay in our house because we felt sorry for them and they agreed to move when we got married, its two weeks till the wedding and evrytime my fiance confronts his sister about leaving she crys and says its hard when you have kids. THATS NOT MY PROBLEM this is the consequence of renting. The house that is empty is too "ugly" and they "dont want to move twice" there acting like children and whats even worse my mother in law wont speak to her daughter and convince her that the empty house is fine until she finds somewere permanent. AND TO TOP IT OFF they dont care that we have to cancell the wedding because my sister in law is being a selfish *****. My mother in law told my mum that i should get over it and wait till my sister in law is ready. THIS IS OUR HOUSE NOT HERS, shes driving me insane, i havnt been eating or sleeping and my fiance is not man enough to do anything about it. I think jumping off a bridge is the easiest option. No wait then the evil cow will win!

No one has a mother in law from hell except me. My wedding is in two weeks and my fiances sister wont move out of our house, EVEN THOUGH my in laws have a empty house near by. We let my sister in law n her husband stay in our house because we felt sorry for them and they agreed to move when we got married, its two weeks till the wedding and evrytime my fiance confronts his sister about leaving she crys and says its hard when you have kids. THATS NOT MY PROBLEM this is the consequence of renting. The house that is empty is too "ugly" and they "dont want to move twice" there acting like children and whats even worse my mother in law wont speak to her daughter and convince her that the empty house is fine until she finds somewere permanent. AND TO TOP IT OFF they dont care that we have to cancell the wedding because my sister in law is being a selfish *****. My mother in law told my mum that i should get over it and wait till my sister in law is ready. THIS IS OUR HOUSE NOT HERS, shes driving me insane, i havnt been eating or sleeping and my fiance is not man enough to do anything about it. I think jumping off a bridge is the easiest option. No wait then the evil cow will win!

Nobody can take advantage of you without your permission. Also, this should be a *warning* to you about what to expect from your husband to be &amp; his family. You should think long &amp; hard whether this is the life you want.

my mother in law has told my husband many lies trying to seperate us. such as im cheating on him and stuff. well for the past few months SHE has been cheating on her husband. and when she got caught. she blamed...ME!! hello i was not there and did not make u have sex with another man. its been a living hell she is still sneaking around with this guy and the whole family is being ripped apart. i dont know why she just dont divorce her husband and move on. its a night mare. i constantly have GI problems and nasuea due to all of this. i hate drama and wished she would leave me alone. but im married to her son who i love dearly and its impossible to avoid the drama!! please help and pray for me. i truley have a mother in law from hell!!!

My mother-in-law is a complete nut job. Yesterday i rang to speak to my hubby, tht was at her place. She said he went out and didn't know where he had gone. Which of course was a lie, she follows him to the toilet when his at her place. Her daughter is just as bad as her, evil *****. One day they will get theres, the **** these people have put be through, will come back two fold. His sister has 2 daughters, one day those girls will have mother-in-laws, who possible will treat them like ****. And they will go crying to there mum and nonna. I really hope tht happens at least to one of the girls, who is exactly like her mother.<br />
You know what they say "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree".

sounds like my mother in law don't you wish you could tell her off sometimes!!!

OMG!! Gosh after reading all of the posts above i've come to realize that MILs are creatures with the same habits:-<br />
<br />
1) They love to LIE!<br />
<br />
2) They don't care about other people's feelings - definitely not the daughter in law<br />
<br />
3) They love the son too much that they can't let go and just want the son to themselves<br />
<br />
3) They have no respect for the son and wife and the family that they now have<br />
<br />
4) They love to gossip especially about the daughter in law..which most of the time are exaggerated so that brings us to No. 1-love to lie!<br />
<br />
5) They are manipulative <br />
<br />
6) Control freaks<br />
<br />
7) Thinks that they know best when in actual fact they are the ones most screwed up!<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
5) They are crazy!

My MIL is driving me crazy. I got marriage with my husband for 3 years. My MIL live with us for about 2 years. She never work and all the long she just staying home to think all about carzy stuffs. She lies all the time. She wants me to ask her permission to leave the house before I go to work or coming home. At first I thought she just kidding. The house belongs to my husband and I. We are so nice to let she live with us. She took advantage of my husband's soft heart. My husband cares very much for his mother because she has diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. So my husband always advice me to just let she talks as much as she wants and try not to make her upset. I just can't stand her crazy characters. If she said something not true about me or my family, and my husband defends for me, she will get carzy and threat that she will lie down on middle of the highway to die. It scared me a lot. I don't want her to die and the same time I don't want she keeps threating me and my husband. She got upset and moved out 2 weeks ago, but then move back to live with us again. She did not even ask me to see whether I like to have her back. My husband and I both work very hard to earn a living. I love my husband very much but I always have a plan to get divorce every time I think about his mother.

Uhhhhh....again (as I've stated in another post above) if her condition is the issue of concern, put her in assistive living. But to give up a marriage because of an unfortunate fate of MIL's shouldn't be an option in my opinion. I say since it's YOUR home, keep doing what you're doing as YOU please....what does YOUR mother say about all of this?

My MIL is just plain crazy. She's lies & steal's. She has told so many lies she doesn't know what the truth is.<br />
How can a mother lie and steal from her own kids? like writing checks on them etc. Which puts the kids in a unbearable situation. <br />
So when my husband and I married I told over the finances because I have no problem pressing charges against her or anyone who would try to still from me. <br />
The family has been enablers for years allowing her to do as she pleases and get away with it.<br />
Guess I'm her worst nightmare.........LOL

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Same boat too! My MIL is also always coming up with reasons to either come over to our place or have us come to theirs. Even on our 1 year anniversary we had to go over to her place to get a cake she baked for us. Kinda ruined our anniversary for me, as we spent 3 hours sitting at their place as I listened to plans for our upcoming "family" vacation. :(<br />
<br />
What irritates me more is the IL's were planning on going camping the weekend of our anniversary, and while visiting (yet again) she says, "Oh, Dad and I are going camping next weekend. I know it's your anniversary but if you've got nothing planned you can come have a bon fire with us since we'll be up around where you live. Oh, and I'll drop off the cake on our way up there." (meaning they'd be visiting for a few hours).<br />
<br />
Luckily it rained all weekend and they cancelled the camping plans, but that just meant instead of waiting around for them to drop off a cake now we had to go over to their place. I was more pissed off that she would think that we wouldn't have plans or not want to be bothered on one day of the year.

Wellllll, who said you had to go over to their place? I mean I would've celebrated my one year anniversary and picked up the cake the next day. OR I would've just sent my husband over alone to stop by and pick up the cake and explain that he can't stay long, thank his mother, and say something to the effect of "will visit you later mom..."


Same boat here, as well. My mother in law is terrible to us. I have been married for only 6 months and have the kindest husband possible. Probably too kind, as he can't seem to tell his mom to back off! She is constantly making up reasons we need to have family get togethers and wants to see us at least twice a week. I value my privacy and independence and as a newly married couple I feel she intrudes. We recently moved closer to her (forced to by finances) and she has had a terrible time understanding our boundries...which are simply, please call before coming over, or better yet wait to be invited. She finds this to be totally unreasonable...and whats worse is that my husbands sister in law is contantly stirng the pot....She just has to egg my mother in law on. This has become a source of major tension for me and my dear husband. I simply do not wish to use anymore energy fighting with him about her. He knows he needs to stand up to her, but I just don't think he can bring himself to she will through a fit and most of what is said goes in one ear and out the other. She litterally could care less about anyone but herself! Is there anything I can do to make her leave us alone and be reasonable?

Hi I am in the same MIL drives me crazy...she is the gossip queen and the biggest manupulator I have ever seen in my life...she can turn anyone against and she will tell story to anyone who has the time and day to listen to her...I am so bothered because she gossips so much and so sarcastic...and will indirectly say things to me (a chick pass) like I am in grade 1....the first wife left because of her...and she knows that. Its like she is in love with her son and she wants him all for himself but a wife for her son who would clean and cook but stay in the closet all the time....I am so sick of her....moving out of this house would be nice but this is our house...and she lives with us....I dont know what to do...dont want to kick her out but she is diabetic and 55 yrs long should I give her....any idea....

"Diabetic and 55 yrs old....".....If that's the primary concern for allowing her to LIVE IN YOUR HOME and make you feel miserable in YOUR OWN HOME, look into some sort of assistant living housing for her. Otherwise, if she is too young for assistant living, have your husband call and check in on her when she moves out into her own apartment. I mean one should feel victimized and uncomfortable IN THEIR OWN HOME from ANYONE.

DO you live with her? if so, get out.<br />
<br />
if you live with her she will always have input into your lives.<br />
<br />
If she lives with you, you need to get your husband to lay down the law, if he wont...I just dunno what to do!

I know what it feels like having a mother in law from hell - after 10 years of marriage - I threw her out of my house and my life as I was emotionally and mentally abused by my mother in law and her family says I am rude and disgusting but I was tormented by her and she seems to be the nice old lady next door - I hope she goes all the way to hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!