Can't Keep Mouth Shut

My ex mom in law is a person that  could not keep her mouth shut. Many things i once confined into her ,she told the whole world about me. Even people i did not want to know about me,she told them too.
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My MIL absolutely cannot shut her damn mouth. I swear she says every ignorant thought that pops into her head. It is beyond annoying...

That is my MIL too, but now that we have given her the ultimatum, either get help and take responsibility for your actions and comments, or we will not have anything to do with you...<br />
Now things are temporarily peaceful, but like a toddler who is quiet for too long I am expecting an onslaught sometime soon from her crazy ***.<br />
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#1, I would say the obvious, do not tell her anything, and #2, try super hard not to ENGAGE her at all when she gets going trying to get you to talk smack or discuss others, because you can bet she is telling everyone what you say, leaving out her own role.<br />
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Maybe mine and yours are the same person!<br />
LOL<br />
Good Luck!

I have a do you confront her about what she has said about you? I tried once, and she went 100% ballistic for about 10 minutes, then cried &amp; threw stuff around our guest room for about an hour, then she came out &amp; got in my face &amp; demanded I tell her who, when, what I was "exactly" talking about. All I said was that I knew she said xyz....she said I was a liar &amp; that I was jealous of her &amp; that I will never keep her son from her! WTF??? She calls my friends &amp; sends them cards in the mail &amp; calls them (she is concerned for them)...I don't care bc they all know she is a freakin psycho but she asks them "personal" questions about me, they never tell her anything, but still. She insisted that she was mailing out our wedding invitations 7 years ago...she kept the list since then &amp; uses it against me!! She is SO SO devilish, mean, hateful &amp; creul about the lies she spreads about me. I want to just let her know everything that I know &amp; basically try to shut her *** up. She says I'm lying unless I "prove" that she's said those things, but how can I prove it if the people (my DH's family) don't want me to tell her they they've told me. They hate her too but she is so insane, no one wants to deal with her wrath. I don't care, she will just leave us alone (ignore us), but I guess with them she physically fights them &amp; stalks them, &amp; tries to damage their homes/vehicles. She will go to jail if she acts like that here...period. What would you do.