Frustrating, Extremely Un-lovable Woman!

Now, I really did try to get along with his mother. After all, she gave birth to someone I truly care about, so why wouldn't I? Besides, I am about as non-confrontational as it gets, and I cannot stand fighting or subversive behavior in my home. However, this woman is a bona fide sociopath and does things that are completely mind-boggling to me. Here is some proof (in no particular order):

- She testified against her own son in a criminal investigation, allegedly saying things like: "Well, I don't know if he had done something wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did." P.S. He did not, and the judge agreed.

- She dumped half a bottle of very expensive cognac, sent by my father as a Christmas gift, down the drain because "we drink too much." She then replaced said expensive cognac with water, hoping that nobody would notice. She later confessed.

- She told me that I should respect her more than T.'s father (who is a terrific man) because she is leaving us a little bit of inheritance money and he isn't.

- She gave me an orange which she had already bitten into because it was sour and yucky.

- She does not believe in any privacy whatsoever and even comes into our bedroom at night without knocking. Needless to say, the consequences are pretty embarrassing.

- She has absolutely zero friends, no husband or partner, and only one of her kids is even speaking to her. The other is still pretty mad from the time that my MIL accused her of committing negligent homicide towards her own daughter (who died of cancer at a very young age).

- She loves putting down her son, me, and everybody around her. I have never heard a happy comment from her.

This passive-aggressive shtick has got to stop. I don't feel like it's my home anymore.
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Getthat b out!!

I have good use for her inheritance money, she can use it to move out of your house!

she sounds awful, and I am so sorry for you. I don't feel so alone now.

Wow thats really harsh. I'm sorry for your situation. I wish there was something I could do to help.<br />
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Cheers,<br />
Thomas<br />

why is it you all live together? can it be remedied by either her moving out or you and your husband finding another place? there HAS to be some distance between a marriage and it's inlaws in order for success to prevail. what's your husband say? does he ever speak to her about her behavior? just curious ... to *had* an MIL from hell ... didn't realize divorce could be so happy!

wow, it seems like she has some serious problems and i commend you for putting up with that kind of drama.