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It all started on my brother-in-laws wedding, when my Mil said she would watch our little one. My husband, I and our daughter were all in the wedding, but we had to ride with the whole party drinking beer on a trailor being pulled and my daughter rode with grandma to the reception.  When we got to the reception we got our daughter so we could all eat, we feed her but then people (family & friends) wanted to hold her so we let them as long as she didn't see me in the mix b/c she is a momma's girl and would try if she seen me, but I would peak and make sure she was fine, which she was. Well my mil came up to us and said YOUR DAUGHTER NEEDS A DIAPER CHANGE & BOTTLE!!! So we took her and changed her, then came back we were dancing with our daughter and having a good time.  Then I decided she was tired so I took her back to the hotel, which was hooked on to the reception hall and put her to sleep and I went to sleep to b/c I wasn't going to leave her alone.  Well @ 1 am I woke and went outside and there was yelling.  My husband and his 2 brothers decided to sing a little rap and take off their shirts, when my husband decided to show his *** crack a little.  His mom yelled @ him and said it was inappropriate & then his step dad did too, well my husband pushed his step dad in front of his little sister who is 11years and she started crying so he left and came back to our room, I told him he shouldn't have pushed his step dad.  Well when I came out of the room my mil exploded and said that we were drunks, bad parents & didn't know how to take care of our kid.  I said I've been here since 9pm asleep with my daughter , she said exaclty you were so drunk you passed out. I said going to sleep when planned and passing out is the same thing.  I went back to our room and started crying, my husband said what's wrong?  Your fu-king mom!! He went ou to talk to his mom and she told him he was a fu-king looser just like his real dad.  We didn't talk to them the next day when we left, but his mom called him & tried to apologize, but wouldn't exactly say I'm sorry.  So I decided to call her , I told her we needed to talk or else I would stay pissed off @ her.  She said she was sorry, but still said you shouldn't get so drunk when you have a child, I told her I wasn't drunk I was just feeling good.  Then she brings up stuff fom the past ( well when we have kept your daughter over night you always say I shouldn' t have drink so much) I told her that's different we don't have our daughter and it's not like we go out all the time maybe every 4-6 weeks and she's the one always asking if our daughter can stay over night b/c they haven't seen her in awhile so we go out.  I told my husband that is mom is not going to watch our daughter for awhile b/c she thinks that when we go out were just 2 drunks.  What else should I do ??

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For future references-always keep things in your marriage/family life personal that you think your inlaws may criticize you about! They will find something to harp on you about once they know.<br />
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As for your MIL, just politely say thank you for your concern, but I think we've got everything under control. And whenever she says a comment here and there, just ignore her. Do not aknowledge her comments but stir the conversation to something else.<br />
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The rest of the girls on your comment page have some pretty good advice as well!<br />
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Good luck!

I agree with the above. No use getting into deeper water with them. I would def set some boundries about the child rearing thing. She is your child, not your mother in laws. To do that in front of strangers as well is uncalled for...I would keep your distance and let it blow over, see if you can find someone else to watch the baby when you feel the need to go out...If you do use them to babysit, don't tell them that you even had one drink, you are adults and parents and it is not their business. Best of luck

Tell her thank you for your concern and change the subject. If she says it again just repeat thank you for your concern. She'll get the hint.