My Mother-n-law Gives Used Gift Card..worth $2.04 Cents..??

Hi All,   I my mother-in-law recently gave me a gift card that she lost the card with it.. Which in most cases.. they are attacched with a sticky substance.  When I took it out shopping.. gave it to the clerk she told me it was worth a whole $2.04 cents.   My husband thinks she made a mistake.. I think it was dilerbarate.  She also has given me a chea pet the year before for christmas..

I am considering divorsing my husband over his family..because he thinks I am blowing this out of porportion.  In the get his mom back.. I text her the female name of a dog in heat.. oop.. I told my husband my fingers accidently typed the message ;)

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my mother in law never gets my children anything shes gotten christmas gifts 2 times and she goes to the 99 cent store my children are now 5 yrs old and i also have a 16 mths baby she has only seen twice

Wow thats really harsh. I'm sorry for your situation. I wish there was something I could do to help.<br />
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I know how you feel. Last christmas my mil gave me 14 roll on deoderants packed into a basket with mould growing on it!!!

Next time you get a gift card...come right out and ask her how much is on it. I think it was a mistake or someone else in the house used it before you got it.<br />
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I am sure it was insulting to you...but the fact that their were dollars and pennies on the card is a dead give away.<br />
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I didn't know the value of the gift could be insulting to someone. I was brought up to value the thought behind the gift and not the value of the gift. People buy whatever they can afford and most people whom look in bargain bins are trying to get you a better gift ..... with the amount that they can afford. A simple thank you would suffice.

Oh that's low. At least my MIL goes to the Walmart bargain bin...<br />
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Don't jump to the dump just yet. My fiance thought I was overreacting for a long time. That was until I was having extensive dental work done and we had to spend a weekend at his mother's. I was feeling awful. The novacain shots made me ill for days after. I was on a lot of painkillers so those made me loopy and even sicker. I couldn't have any hard foods because most of my teeth had temporaries until my permenants arrived from the lab. This woman knew the play by play because he just HAD to keep her up to date. So what did she make for dinner when we stayed? A platter of raw vegetables and sticky foods that I wasn't allowed to have. I was starving, so I ate the bare minimum to keep me going. That night, part of my broken tooth broke off in my sleep and I woke up and spit it out into my hand. Then on the way home, she took a few passive aggressive digs at me while I was messed up on painkillers. I couldn't say anything because I was so sedated. But I knew that he knew that I was aware of the line-crossing because he squeezed my hand. I squeezed back in woozy anger and passed out on his shoulder.<br />
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After that, he kept the conversation about my life and our relationship to the bare minimum.

maybe she knows my mother in law? <br />
perhaps they are related? lol, they seem to at least read a book titled- how to be a mother in law at their worst.<br />
good luck my friend!