Narrow Minded!

Well first of all, my husband's mother (parents) not just mother. But his mother has control over both his parents. ~ so most times they are both at fault.

I always knew his mother was used to having control over her kids. My husband only has one sister. 

When we bought our first home, she stayed with us for one month. Typically she told us how to live in it, how to clean it etc.  So that was WWI. Cuase I just went off and told her what to do with her opinions.

Then she is ALWAYS getting on their cases for not phoning all the time.  Hey! We're busy people we dont have time to be phoning them all the time.  (They live in another province) as us and as his sister.

Then, his mom's birthday was on Dec 9. We sent her a beautiful card and two really nice Xmas broaches.  She called him to say that she didnt like it and the next time to send money! my husband was almost in tears becuase she just slapped that in his face. I got so upset!

And now, we are expecting our first child.  Just to add to the background history here, his Dad used to stay with us for about 6 months to work then he travels back home and lives home (with his wife).  So now, its that time of year for him to return to work and his Dad asked if him and his mom could stay with us for the summer!  You are kidding me!!! So of course, my husband explained to them that we are starting to raise our family and we wanted to be alone this year.  But they dont understand at all. They are being such pigs about it. His mother is making him feel bad saying he doesnt want them around and they cant beleive that their son would say such a thing...bla bla bla.

They are very selfish people who think they have a right!

I am so mad!!!!


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Wow thats really harsh. I'm sorry for your situation. I wish there was something I could do to help.<br />
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Cheers,<br />
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My motherin-law also controls my husband.We cannot do anything without her approval.My husband doesn't see any wrong to his mother I don't hate her I believe God will do something about her.We've married for 7 years and my husband don't want to move out from his parents house and I've also moved out to stay with my mother because I cannot stand this.All you have to do is to put your faith in God.

Those people are incredibly inconsiderate! That's awful. A family unit should be a whole. My extended family is filled with great people. I'm not just saying that because I they're my family. My family is very conservative but they have accepted that my cousin and his girlfriend aren't married and will have two children by the end of the year. They love his girlfriend like she was one of our own and that's wonderful because she doesn't really have any family anymore (her mother passed away a few years ago and her father has never been around). My family didn't care for one of my other cousin's girlfriend much, but we always made her feel welcome up until after they broke up. My eldest cousin married a hispanic man and dispite their conservative nature, they adore him and their child. And let me say that my fiance is practically one of the family. They love him to death dispite his shortcomings. They even put his name on the cake for June birthdays in the family, after we were only dating for two months! Why can't all inlaws be like that?

I know Mother in Law isnt a dirty word. I dont wish it to be, like you said, someday I will be a mother in law. But I hope and pray that I dont make my son/daughter feel the way his parents has made him feel. No parent should make their kids feel guilty about a choice he is trying to make to benefit his own family. He has his own family now, his parents isnt his prority anymore. I'm his family now. I'm priority! Not them! This is all about power and they are finally realizing they are loosing control over their son. Her exact words " I've lossed your forever, its like you died"...I mean C'mon!! why would you say such a thing to your son.<br />
We've been nothing but respectful to both his parents. That is one thing I am no able to understand, his mother is a loving caring, motherly woman and she's acting out like this? She's loosing control of her son's life and they are pulling out all the stops. They are saying they will cut him out of their will and etc. <br />
They dont seem to care that this may be putting stress on him or his wife and their unborn baby. All they are concerned about is themselves. They are very selfish people! :(

Well!!!!!!!!!!! I am a mother in law, not a dirty word.Iam so tired of daughter in laws crap. I have 3. My feelings are this, i have been married for 46 years.I had a mother in law too. We had our problems as all do. I Learned a lot in these years. My mother was very insulting to my husband for years, and no matter what my husband would say it did no good. I finally spoke up and it stopped.Your husband needs to talk to his mom and be honest without hurting words. Women need to learn to respect one another as people. Calling your in laws pigs etc. is so wrong REMEMBER if it was not for them you would not have your huband. REMEMBER if you are lucky you may some day be a mother in law not a dirty word thank you

i agree- you should have time with just you and your husband before the baby is born. they, having raised children themselves, should realize that more than anyone. i think you are totally justified in having said you wanted that for yourselves. go you!!

Oh ya! Very familar!!!! You always have to stay on their good side, other wise you will get crapped on. Its like my husband and SIL are afraid to speak up to their mother! Its time I finally stepped in here and dealt with the **** my way. I've mostly let my husband deal with them, but obviously his words are not sinking in for some reason. Enough is enough and this needs to be dealt with. I've warned my husband that I will not have my child exposed to this childishness and backhammering everyone. thanks for your comments!

They do sound like selfish people! You have your own family to be concerned with right now. Especially expecting your first child together. My moms husbands Birthday is one day before your mother in laws and he is like her in so many ways! They like to have their own way and expect everyone to kiss their butts! If you don't then you are on their **** list! Sound familar?