I Hate My Mother Inlaw With Passion

the stupid ***** took mother hood away from me. The day I gave birth to my son, everything was ok. I was in alot of pain and she was helping so it seemed after I healed I argued with her a million times. She taught my son to follow her around like hes hers I can't even go near my son with out him flipping out like I'm taking him away from his mom it breaks my ******* heart. She stands there and plays stupid like hes crying cuz hes fussy but hes holding her not me. she took advantage of my trust and told me I'm sick cause I hold my 2 month too much. Now my sons 2 and he won't even come near me. Unless shes not around. I've been trying to move out but my husband always complains his job sucks or the place I want isn't good enough. Then I fight with him cause it seems like he wants his mom to take my kid. I don't know what to do any more when I've had it and I say **** it I can't win this is bs, my husband jumping down my throat saying I'm giving up on my son but I never wanted this. I gave birth to my son to raise as my own child.I'm going to kill her...like I don't know what else to do
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1 Response Jul 25, 2012

Sounds like it's time to move out. If your husband doesn't want to go, then go without him, taking your son, of course. He's just making excuses to stay there. Your mil is in the position that alot of mil's want to be in. Raising her son's child as if she's the mother. If you have family you can stay with, go to them. gl