Try This One Ladies This Is S Step Mother From Hell She Keeps Telling Me My Husband Is Her Replacement When Myfatheer Inlaw Dies

This ***** has no shame. Its akwaya about her. She has lied about be sick ndieing w cancer. The wordless revolves round her. N if doesn't. She willow do something to make sure it will. The year I turned 40. Shecalled me n told me not to make any plans cause myhusbandd was gonna have a big party for me. Well my birthday came n went. Ni cancelled gettaway plans w my girlfriends. So on my fourtieth isat home completely alone n waited for a pparty that that who're knew was not going ti happen. This is just the tip ofavery big iceburge.
donniekbylek donniekbylek
41-45, F
Aug 2, 2012