Vacation Ruined Thanks To Selfish Mother In Law

My husband turns 30 tomorrow. For 6 months, i have been planning a 2 week vacation to Dominican Republic at a 5 star resort to celebrate his big day. I have been working my butt off to pay for it OUT OF MY PAYCHECKS. A month ago, my mother in law calls him to tell him that she will have a minor surgery performed a day prior to our departure. We explained to her that we were going on vacation, and to please reschedule. She agreed. At 10am the day of her originally scheduled surgery, a day before our trip, she calls him to ask when he will go visit her at the hospital. He is an only child, so needless to say, our vacation, our time together and his 30th birthday was ruined thanks to his selfish mother. All the money, time and energy that I put into it to the garbage. Now instead of being at a beutiful beach, we are stuck at home and hes wiping his mothers butt.
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1 Response Aug 16, 2012

Next time, don't give her any information about any trips, etc. that you're taking. You know she'll pull that crap whenever she can. If you two were smart, you should have went anyway. She's pulling those stunts because you are letting her get away with it - no consequences, except for you two. If it was only minor surgery, he should have said he'd call her. Sounds like you have a mama's boy on your hands - big time. Get him into counselling to cut the cord or your life is going to keep on like this. Is that the way you want the rest of it to be? Oh, and your husband has to be on board about not giving her any information.<br />
And if the info does leak to her - neither of you should answer phone calls from her for at least 3 days before you leave. Get smart - smarter than her. (if there's any kind of emergency, someone else will be sure to let you know, so don't worry about that).<br />
And if you're husband was the one that said he didn't want to go, make him reimburse you for what you put out.