No Respect Or Consideration

My MIL and FIL refuse to treat me with any respect or consideration. They believe that because they are my elders that I should respect them no questions asked and that I deserve whatever they feel like giving me in return - which is complete disregard. I finally had enough with them and said apologize and show me you want to have a real relationship or I am not going to put out any energy for you. They felt they had nothing to apologize for. These people, my MIL especially are complete narcisists. What is halarious is that they consider themselves good christians!LOL!!!!!

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My mother in law is a pastor's wife but nothing in her actions is Christianly at all.

I get the same treatment as you - only I have to apologise and respect them because they are older. And because I'm 29 - anything I say or feel is worthless and never taken into consideration. They think I should behave the same way to them and my husband as was the custom in the 60s - there to please them and their boy and not to ask for anything in return. God forbid if my husband brings me a fruit while I'm ill in bed - that's a blasphemy and thou shan't speak its name! I should do all the housework on my own, and he can only be asked to lift his legs sitting on a sofa while I'm hoovering. Luckily, my husband also thinks that such attitude is nonsense, but my in-laws keep on condemning his efforts to help me with the housework. So, there! You are not alone :)

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Bono, my hero from U2 recently said, "I have always believed in Christ but I never liked Christians.." I thought that was deeply profound and I do believe in Christ but I also believe that Christians can be the most judgmental people that use religion to solidify their own personal viewpoints.